Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Project 365 (073-079) SOOC

Oh, here I go again...
I am totally playing a major catch up because I was soooo far behind ;)
This weeks photos are Straight Out Of Camera....
No editing at all...Boo, more like snapshots than real photography!

Sunday *365/073
Just a little man with his puppy!!

Monday *365/074
It was a VENTI kinda day;)

Tuesday *365/075
A fun early birthday present from my SIL...
Isn't that cool?

Wednesday *365/076
I love magazine Wednesday!! My faves came in the mail ;)

Thursday *365/077
Another before my birthday, birthday gift!!! Apparently this is my week o gifts...
It is a cheeseboard and also for fresh herbs!
*Note to all friends who wish to celebrate my address is:
HA..LOL...TTYL..and Whateva*
Friday  *365/078
My office is CLEAN.........Nuff said!

Saturday *365/079
Loving these white roses that were in a bouquet!

 Im officially NOT behind any 365...BOO YA!!! Take that!!! ;)

Project 365 (066-072)

I am fevlerishly trying to get caught up on my 365 projects.
I have been on a scapbook weekend, with many great girls so my photos are all over the board this week.
Say some prayers for me as my job is VERY vulnerable right now.
Hope to get caught up with all of you later this week!  

Sunday *365-066
Another fun day of hockey! Receiver scored a goal!

Monday *365-067
I'm loading pictures all day!

Tuesday *365/068
This is one of my St. Patty's photos and can you guess who is making an appearance? Yep, that is Goldy. Our 11 month old cavashon is BACK {more to come on this story}!

Wednesday *365/069
Head Coach and Receiver head out to the Minnesota Wild Game!
It is a fun night for the boys ;)

Thursday *365/070
Hard to believe that another hockey photo is on the horizon but it is!
This is the 1ST photo I have of the two of them helmet-less and suited up...;)

Friday *365/071
This is QB's regular season team...Go Blaine Bombers!
{QB is far right..white helmet..can't you tell LOL}

Saturday *365/072
Swimming indoors is Fun when you are on Spring Break in MN!

Just playing catch up here!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Project 365 (059-065)

This post is just an insane amount of Tardy.
I can not believe the turn that my life has taken over the past couple of weeks.
Family in the hospital, everything under the sun breaking in my house....job insecurity to boot!
Man - I need to escape {but wait, there will be no escaping for week is Spring Break and we are on a staycation this year...BOO}!
So, as life would have it my LATE-WEEK in photos!


A beginning craft project for our 1st out of town Hockey Tournament!
Pretty exciting for an 8 year old!

I love when my kids are excited about things and place them on the calendar!
~I had to make sure to remember that about them~


I can cross this off my honey do Bucket List!
No, I am not a plumber. No, I have never had an interest in fixing a toilet.
YES! I am a do-it yourselfer and FOLKS...with my mom's assistance, I CAN NOW FIX A TOILET!
*Do not be jealous, I am SAVING money here ;)*


ENUF closet broke!
Boo hoo. Note to self, 500 pounds of clothing is TOO much for any one wall to handle!


The Bible Study that Hubs and I are currently involved in. Actually, it is quite interesting.


This at this bunch of 4,5 and 6 year old...could they look any tougher??

Check out the middle toe on Receivers foot....doesn't that look strange and painful?
No. According to him, but I needed to photograph this beauty because that is a foot only a mother could love!!!! ;)

Till Sunday again!

Friday, March 12, 2010

FF4A...March Winner Announcement!

Here is the winner thanks to!

True Random Number Generator
Min: 1

Max: 76

Result: 56

LAURA From Bignells....YOU ARE IT!!!!
Please hop over and tell her congrats....and Laura,
 please email me and get me your address as well as what strap you have selected!!!

Congrats and Thanks to Mimi for hosting Friday Free 4 All ;)

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Friday Free 4 All Giveaway {March}


Top of the Mournin to ya!
What is this week's Friday Free 4 All giveaway?
My latest obsession.....CAMERA STRAPS!

So...up for grabs your very own STRAP!
Here are a couple of the options...
I also have some other fabrics that are really great but have not completed yet.
The choice is yours!!!

Here is how to get it:

1. Leave me a comment {1 Entry}
2. Follow my blog {1 Entry}
3. If you are a new follower leave an additional comment and you will get an extra {1 entry}
4. Blog about this giveaway and link back to this post {1 entry}
make sure to come back and tell me!

The give-away ends Friday @ Midnight {Central} and Thanks to!

*If you did not get the hint...I am lovin that green one!
Perfect for a St. Patties Day shoot!

G☺☺D  Luck!