Sunday, February 28, 2010

Project 365 (052-058)

Where do my weeks go? I'll tell ya.

My mom taught me how to make camera straps this week. I am going to start selling them at local craft shows. I am really excited! Thanks to Mimi
 for the idea and thanks to my MOM for showing me how to do it!


Doesn't this look delish? It is one of my main staples for food. It is GRANOLA from Costco. If you have never bought it, do yourself a favor! It is soo amazing!


If they sold these all year round, it would be the MAIN reason I have a gym membership...YUMMY!
What is your favorite Girl Scout Cookie??

Anyone else have USA Fever?
 Our house is glued to the Tube for all things winter sports!
Especially, Speed Skating, Skiing, and HOCKEY!

Just a little reminder that all of our lives are GRAND.
 Every time I pass this sign, I have always thought,
 I am going to have to take a photograph of that...(and I FINALLY did)!
Thanks 365 project for making me set out for a couple of goals!

What can be better than Cake and Coffee? NOTHING!
One of my MOST FAVORITEST places on the planet!
(just so happens to be located on Grand Ave)!


The boys school carnival and with our favoritest principal on the planet.
He is retiring at the end of this year, and I just can't seem to shake it.
We are totally going to miss this guy.
 He is an AMAZING role model {and Christian} for our boys to learn from!

What did you week look like in pictures?

Sunday, February 21, 2010

365 Project 045-051

Currently, I am thinking that I will have tons of time to blog and get caught up.
 For some reason, that is just NOT happening.
So, once again here I go with what my week shaped up like:

Sunday *365/045
Carnival Silent Auction Baskets for Kids School.
Seems to me like these things should go for a million bucks after all the blood,
sweat and tears that I poured into them!!!

Monday *365/045
I need some help here. I love the Red that is in the kitchen and living room, however I need an update. I also love the yellow color but I am feeling like it matches too closely to my woodwork...what would you do? Add more brown? Keep the red? Honestly, I am all ears on this one!

Tuesday *365/046
I worked a lot today so here is a little bit of what my work is about (at least for the time being).

Wednesday *365/047
Here is one of my recent scrapbook pages.
I have been meaning to photograph some so that I have them on the blog as well.

Thursday *365/048
Spent some time dealing with our taxes this year.
Normally we have an accountant but Turbo Tax is working just fine for the Eyeglasses & Endzone Clan!

Friday *365/049
These pillows were kind of my inspiration for the painting of yellow in my house. I also have TONS of brown so I thought they went well...Aren't they cool?

Saturday *365/051
So today was one of the 1st days that we have not had to pull out the snow boots. So.....I grabbed my favorite ROCKET DOGS and they are sooooo comfy! I love SPRING! Hurry up and come please!

Hope you are all having a marvelous week!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Simply Love Swap!

Oh Happy Day!

Look at my goodies that I received!

Thanks so much to Sonja for being my Swap Partner!
So fun to participate in a LOVE SWAP!

Make sure to check out everyone else's goodies!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Project 365 (038-044)

Sorry I am a little behind on my post this week. For some reason, it was CRAZY hectic! I really wanna just throw on my sweats and veg but it is VALENTINES LOVE my family I MUST!!! ;)

Week of maddening homework.
So this is what a 3rd grade book report looks like!

I've had this rug since this past summer and now I am going to be painting to match the rug.....
oh, this will be a BIG project!
Although NOT beautiful for commuters...this was just GORGEOUS this week.
 I love when snow STICKS to the trees!

For all the people who might think I am soo clean...this darn closet is my arch nemesis...GRRR

Can you see the paint swatch? YES, I am painting OVER red...WHAT am I thinking?

I received a rose for Valentines day, and it was this really cool hybrid kind...
so, I edited it and made it look AMAZING (if I do say so myself)!

My sister in law has moved from Africa and is beginning to sell these really great handbags. She asked me to come over and photograph a couple...They are SOOO amazing!

Till next week!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

And The WINNER IS....


OK, So YES we had some kind of  hic-cup in the comment department.
I edited my previous F4AF post and set it to publish.
Then when it published my old post went away and my comments from my old post stayed!!!

So, We had 89 comments on the previous post and 62 on this current post.
 So I used RANDOM.ORG and only placed 62 as the highest number (*your welcome*)

Without any further...........
The winner is: AMANDA
So get me your digits I can get you your goods ASAP!!!

Thursday, February 11, 2010



The L-O-V-E Day Edition

Yes, once again it TIS my week for Giveaways!
Check out this SWEET deal...
Here is how you win:

1. Leave me a comment (1 entry)
2. Follow my blog (1 entry)
3. Leave Mimi a comment (1 entry) 
4. Take the button on your blog (1 entry)
5. Blog about this give-away (1 entry) 

That gives you a total of 5 entries to win!!!! 
I will select via RANDOM.ORG and the winner will be posted tomorrow!!!!


Sunday, February 7, 2010

365 Project 031-037

Yes, I am still alive.
I kind of feel that with this 365 project, there is just not a ton of time to fit in other blog posts so if you guys are getting bored, I understand. I will try to spice it up soon...when, I am just not sure!!

Here goes this weeks photos:

Sunday I went snow tubing and snapped a photo of this guy who was just slammin down the hill.
I love his expression!

Monday I bought this little dresser for $19.00 at a consigment shop...isn't is adorable..and a STEAL!
 I love stuff like this, I just can't decide if I keep it the way it is or paint it some really great color for fun!

Tuesday, I changed out the "QUOTES" on this little board in my living room.
 I love to be inspired by small notes to myself!!

Wednesday- I was a little tired of doing everything I pulled out the ol Job Chart!
I love bossing my kids around ;)

Thursday - I tried to do a little light reading...Um,
I love that light reading constitutes 385 pages of nothing but actions...ahhhh 
Friday- I saw this woman wearing this OLD scarf and I ask her if I could take a photo of it.
I love that there are really cool people who let me ravage them for an awesome photo!
*Bonus* We love the Olympics @ this blog!!!

Saturday - We took the boys to the Gopher Hockey Skate. 
I love how excited my boys get when they are with "Future NHL Players"!  

Don't forget to check out Tracy and link up to the 365 Project!!!

Keep on Shooting!