Saturday, April 21, 2012

Garage Lockers

Project Post:

Since I barely ever blog anymore, I thought I should post a little something on "What" I do with my spare time these days!

I tackled a Garage Locker project this weekend as I'm not able to move my laundry room upstairs as I was hoping to. I mentioned to hubs that we could do it rather inexpensively on our own and once I had the green light, here is the breakdown of cost:

(1) Already Purchased Set of Lockers = $130
(2) Target 3 Shelf Book cases $16 each = $32
(2) Hooks from Lowes Clearanced @ $8 each = $16
(4) Fabric Cubbies (bought at thrift new in package) $6
(1) Can of Mis-Tint Shermin Williams Paint = $1.06
(2) Upper Fabric Baskets =$12.99

Grand Total = $198.05
An afternoon of work has payed off! All of the coats and hats are out of my laundry room and I am feeling much lighter!

Good Luck at tackling a project of your own!