Thursday, April 30, 2009

Vlogemotion - RAGE!

So today is Tim's first Vlogemotion carnival @ Fort Thompson! You have to link up and check everyone's out...this is gonna be a blast!!! =)

Take a gander at my 1st ever LIVE video on my blog...a couple of things to note. I did this ONE time only. I don't have time for multiple Regis and Kelly...if you are seeing this....CALL ME!!! LOL!

My video is a little blurry because I use my camera and I guess I did not focus the lens...WHOOPSIE!!!

My video is about 2 minutes so it might take a couple of minutes to load on your browser...if so, open up another window and Blog Hop...but be sure to come back!!! =)

Please leave me feedback! I really want to get better at this!

Monday, April 27, 2009

I ♥ Faces... Reflections..

Another week for the awesome I♥Faces people. I am really excited about this week. Sooo many great photos and creative ideas!
My entry for today is a little off the you can tell, I have this really large spoon that we like to use at our house and I was a little "STUCK" in the creative department so...this is what ya got from me this week! *

If you have not had a chance to check out I♥Faces, then head on over and link up!
You won't be sorry!

Good Luck to all who enter!
*I would just like to clarify, that I actually DO clean and groom my children's finger nails. Um, can you say gross?

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Tee Ball Temptations...

My how we began this week with a bang...I have each post coming in sections because we were not home one evening this week thanks to the beginning of Tee Ball, and Baseball! QB2 is now 4 going on 55, and he is really taking to playing sports like QB1..of course, not without playing a little in the sand for good measure!

This week, Head Coach, Cheerleader, QB1 & QB2 REALLY lived up to their names....could Head Coach BE the Head Coach of any more teams???? I don't think so....something tells me that he should be applying for the Twins, Vikings, Wild and Timberwolves because I am not sure how he keeps it all straight...OK, well to be honest...we don't keep it all straight...Let's just say that Head Coach left the Tee sitting in the garage..and Cheerleader, yep trucked on home to grab it while they had a 15 minute "stretching and catching" session! LOL...

Here are a couple pics I took....Have a blessed Weekend!!! =)

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Word Verification Wednesday....

Just a lovely little way to make fun of all the crazy words that we type in honor of our friends! These words came straight out of YOUR blogs this week...I promise! Only truth here!

Let the definitions begin:

Wornis - An expression used by all 2,3 and 4 year old children...."Mom, have I WORNIS"?

Ghtsi - I "Ghtsi" what I wanti.... You ght my drift?

Ettol - you hear me ETTOL?

- Obviously, this is the abreviated version for the Clutch/Poncho that we are all carrying around....Don't we all have one????

Fulmow- This is the chowing your children do at the dinner table when you have not allowed them to "snack" in between meals. They are in Fulmow mode.

I am having the largest WRISIS this week....(this would be a web crisis)....check back for more posting on this one.

btcrack - Again....there goes that 14 year old teenage male inside my computer getting a chuckle. Had to throw that one in for a little laugh!

Andyncon- Do you know an Andy? You might want to call him and tell him that he is being conned by all is friends at word verification....obviously this one is a little bitter.

And my FAVORITE of the week:

mengagme- pronounced (men-gag-me)...ha. Yes, I think we have all felt this at one time or another but perhaps word verification should leave its thoughts at the door.

Monday, April 20, 2009

I ♥ Faces... Self Portrait!

I ♥ Faces is a wonderful site that honors the many faces that we all know and love! This weeks challenge is a "Self Portrait". I am entering this weeks challenge in the "Adult" category because I always enter my children so I am spicing it up a bit!

This is a new profile photo that I took of myself using the lovely self timer on the camera, with a little creative crop and some editing wah-lah! There I am in all my zitless glory!!! =)

If you have not had a chance to check out I♥Faces, please pop over and enter! Sooo fun!

Good luck to all who enter!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Writers Workshop

I'm trying out a new MeMe today from MaMa Kats Losing It, If you have not checked her out before...TRUST ME when I tell you that this girl is F-U-N-N-N-N-Y!!! 

There are a couple of topics that she selects and then you go to town selecting one of the topics and writing about it. So, here are THE PROMPTS: 

1.) If I sent you four hundred dollars today what is ONE thing you would spend it on and why. ps I want my change.

2.) What are your kids talking about?

3.) Tell us about a local news story that's all the buzz right now in your neck of the woods.

4.) Share some blogging advice.

5.) Tell us about that time at the playground when that thing happened.
I am taking topic # 1 today!  This is the super fun one! 

So, if I was given $400 smackers from Mama Kat I would buy: 

The Wacom Intuos Tablet!!!
<span class=
This bad boy rings in @ $349 (which means Mama Kat gets $51 smackers back...Your Welcome!) and it is a MANDATORY tool if you are using photo shop to edit is a wrist saver...big time... ;)

Now...perhaps I should post my mailing address so that I can get the check in the mail...right...the check IS in the mail right? 

A Huge thanks for letting me participate in this fun-ness!!! 

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

YUMMY x $10

Guess what I received last week? An awesome $10 Gift Card from Starbucks from my groovy cool cousin He & Me + 3!!! I've been holding on to this wonderful little gift of love until I had the time to create a little picture Thank you!
So, from the BOTTOM of my
Starbucks Cup....I thank you!!!
Such a fun give away week, and if you have not checked her out then please click on He & Me+3 and give her a shout out!

I love you Blair!

Monday, April 13, 2009


This week is an amateur week, so I am entering this photo of QB1 FINALLY ready for Baseball! He has been waiting for SPRING to get here!!!
Favorite things about Spring:
1. You get the cleaning bug...or at least I do!!!
2. Fresh Air...You can open the doors and windows without your winter coat on!
3. Sports...Lots and Lots of Sports!

I ♥ Faces has the most adorable entries each week, so head on over there and enter (even if you make it tougher for me to win ;) !
Good Luck to all who enter!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Eggcellent Day

The Easter Bunny has stopped at the Eyeglasses & Endzone household and dropped off more sugar than you can imagine...Here is what we were up to today, hope your day was fun and as Eggcellent as ours!

E-A-S-T-E-R Sunday







This was the year that we taught...BEYOND the Easter Bunny, both our children really understand what Christ did for us, and for that I am very Thankful this Easter Sunday.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Logic...4 Yr Old Style

QB2: Mom, I have Boo-GARS in my ears..

Mom: It's probably wax, go upstairs and get me a Q-tip and I will clean them out.

QB2: I don't want you to clean out my ears, my brains are in there.

Mom: Yes, brains are in there but you can still clean out the junk in there its ear wax.

QB2: Nah, never mind...I'll just pick it like I do when I have Boo-GARS in my nose!

Yes, I understand, Q-Tips can be intimidating!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

I♥Faces...Me and My Buddy

This weeks I♥Faces entry is Me and My Buddy. I had to think about this one really hard because my 2 boys have TONS of pictures together and really our BESTEST BUDDIES....But, this was the one that I kept coming back to... Our little QB's have birthdays that are 3 years and a week apart so that means that we have Birthday week at our house.

We decided to turn our backyard into a baseball field..with the legitimate Mascot from the Minnesota Twins...TC...He was amazing!!! It was July, He was in a Mascot suit and somehow managed to take pictures with everyone and play a baseball game...since then the boys have NEVER looked at the Twins the same and as you can tell from the picture....They really are buddies. When we see TC at the games, HE REMEMBERS the boys and even tho he does not speak (to anyone but me)...the friendship has carried on...

This picture was the 1st time that QB1 saw him coming up the hill and into our party...just PRICELESS I tell you!!!

One of my fondest memories as a parent!

Good luck to all the entries this week, I am sure that all of them are fabulous! I have a lot of commenting to catch up on...=)

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Word Verification Dictionary..

My day starts out a little something like this...Open Eyes, Wonder who blogged....yep, the kids are still sleeping...creep to the computer and then WHAM:

FVOGMN..Really? OK...If you must start my day off with absolute non sense than I am going to fire it back at you with a post that will make your little keyboard spin! An homage to all things word verification begins now:

HUNSPOT: I'll got get my HUN and tell him where his SPOT is...that should go over like a ton of bricks.. Thanks for the brilliant idea blogger. Next Stop: Marriage Counseling.

MONFORT: Of course this is a fort that is made on Mondays...doesn't everyone do this..It's called a CUBE blogger, yes, we all work in our little MONFORTS and check blogs all day long...are you trying to rat me out???

SINFAR: Well, Yes, I hope so...thanks for noticing, I think.

SPLELCH: In my house that would be lovingly referred to as the "SPLATTER BELCH" what other definition could it have? This is a counterpart of FOUGH (the farting cough) and CART (the coughing fart)...sorry for the expletives but this whole SPLELCH thing is a little out of control.

STOOLBUS - Yes, this one popped up and I am not anyone else starting to think that Bloggers random word verifications are NOT SO random? Seems to me like we a 15 yr old male at the helm of the keyboard who is thinking up all sorts of things to make my stomach churn.

YTEDNES- I'm hearing Star Trek..and I can't shake William Shatners voice..."Scotty, He's got YTEDNES...lets get outta here".

SETSO - Something I randomly mommy voice at my children..again, where does Blogger know about all my indiscretions..."No, you can't have a popcicle..because I SETSO."

and finally...
NALITORM - Ahh yes, the drug that will calm all of your word verification nightmares and allow you to sleep restfully...until 4:15am when all the other bloggers are up with the 1st post of the day...

Now mind you, I absolutly DON'T Mind when my friends are using the verification, I just don't understand where they come from? Could they be real words?

Do you use Word Verification? Now, I am curious...Do Share!!!!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

I missed I♥Faces...Bummer!!!

I missed it! Yep, it is official...I am an idiot. Since when do they cut it off on Tuesday night? I always thought it was Wednesday...Oh Well.

This is the picture that I would have submitted...

Could have gone either way for Messy Face or Pouting....

Good luck to all y'all fools who didn't tell me...=)