Saturday, February 28, 2009

Show and Tell Saturday...

I participating in Show and Tell Saturday over with Kim @ Homesteaders Heart...I think that this is a great idea and you should check it out and link up.

Super Easy...share a book that has been a blessing to you and for me and my husband right now we are reading Trading Places...I am a firm believer that no marriage is perfect and guess what....OURS fits the bill! God has given me an eye opening this year that my husband should be cherished and that our family will reap the rewards...and the key ingredient...EMPATHY!!!

Oh I am telling you ladies, this book is just shy of the 11th commandment for me right now...I am learning what Empathy is and how to exactly give empathy as well as receive it. I just LOVE the fact that making my marriage better will make God happier with both of us!!!

So, if you have a chance pick up the book. You can also check out the website Real Relationships and take a quiz with the book that will assist you and your mate on where your "EMPATHY" meter is..(PS, I did not even have one)!!!

Good Reading!!!

Wynn in Vegas...Do as the Gamblers Do!!!

Looks like my trip to Vegas for training was a little fly by night...Let's just say that Vegas and Professionalism...a little to difficult to balance!!

Yes, I was excited to feel see the 65 degree temperatures. Oh no, I was NOT stuck in the hotel almost the entire time. Lets just say that I am really getting as an homage to the fact that I could be the LEAST likely person to hang out in Vegas I will give you the top 10 highlights of my trip....DRUM ROLL PLEASE..

10) The outgoing flight was delayed by 3 hours and I noticed this right after my husband and children dropped me off and left me for dead quiet.

9) The cash machine at the airport that kept spitting out receipts but no cash...this should be fun to work with the bank!

8) Being charged $15 to check a bag...1st time flying for me since this lovely little change took place!

7) Being one of 2 girls on a team of 25...oh, the things that I put up with (read below)..=)

6) When in my presentation with TOP executives at my company I had a little blunder that I had a hard time recovering blunder was something like this: "Guys, I have to juggle a lot of balls when I am at home." Now, mind you this was in a professional context and it was NOT taken in a professional context...Yeah for me wanting to crawl through a tiny hole in the floor.

5) Insomnia...I go to bed at 2am central time normally and I got to Vegas and that was only midnight so...lets just say that I was not in bed before 4am central time by no fault of my own!

4) Long trainings...dozing off!

3) The bowling tournament..lets just say that I bowled a massive 50....that is awful and my boss even said..."Tarah, lets institute the Grannie"...Yikes, there goes my promotion!!!

2) The really great water show at the Veranda @ was amazing!!! (see photo)

1) My co-worker Jon just stopping in the high stakes slot room and popping in $20 and walking away with $800....ONLY IN VEGAS!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Wrestle Mania..

So mother nature just decided to lovingly drop about 7 inches of snow on us last night (did I mention that ALL the snow was melted prior to this storm?) today, I just so happened to catch these boys wrestling in the basement! Not just your average wresting moves but some rather UFC looking stuff if you ask me!

Of course my camera was not moving fast enough to capture these wonderful works of wrestling so instead, I dug up this photo that I took for the boys Valentines cards. This picture is much more loving than the wrestling that I witnessed, and no children were harmed in the making of this post! Although I can't say the same for to the store to fix ANOTHER pair of glasses...thank goodness we have back-ups for our back -ups!

I'm off to Vegas tomorrow for work over the next 3 days and I am hoping to catch up on my comments...Till then!

Monday, February 16, 2009

I ♥ Faces...WONDER

This weeks entry for I♥Faces is WONDER. I took this photo in the fall of this year while my youngest son was sitting and waiting for his brother to finish playing football. He was "WONDERING" when he would be done!!! LOL.

If you have not checked out I ♥Faces, please do so. This is soo much fun and easy to enter....not as easy to win because there are TONS of great photos submitted.

Good luck to all this week!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

1/52 - No Longer Missing

Well I have decided to play along with a great Me Me that my cousin MiMi told me about...HA HA. It is brought to us by Carin and it will take place on Thursdays from this point forward. Head over to her blog and check out the details. Pretty simple to follow along.....all you have to do is get in one picture per week! What a great idea? Right? I mean, I know there is a lack of fabulous photos of me *unless you count face book*!!!

So, if you want to join in, please do so....Carin would love it!

This weeks photo takes place at Jaxon's Valentine Party at School....Yes, I am totally hiding, but remember I am new to this...eventually you will get to see my size 0 body that you have been jealous of (remember, jealousy is not an admirable trait and in no way do I condone this)!!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Thank You Kameron!!!

All I can say is wow!!! I have eagerly awaited the arrival of these adorable shirts and they got here today safe and sound.So what did I do? Of course I had a photo shoot..duh, not like I am going to let these things get all slathered with goo or have a sucker or gum stuck to them in 5 seconds flat. I told the boys to eat their snack and head up to the tub for a late afternoon cleaning!!! Once they got these bad boys on, they became wild and crazy guys. They were pretending to give presentations (like mom and dad) =).

So, a HUGE heartfelt THANK YOU goes out to Kameron. She is a wonderfully talented lady and has become a really great friend through blogging and face book. If you have not checked out her blog...Please do! She has the most adorable little guy and she has tons of creative clothing options....GO KAMERON...way to make my boys look cute in their ties!!! =)

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Yes...I am a little spoiled!!!

My Valentines Day present is is here!!! Yes, I designed it myself and yes my hubby said this makes his job easy...but look at these beauties...I just can't wait! I mean I really have a lot of cleaning out to do to transition into this thing but AHHHHH (insert angelic music here)....My 1154 Lill bags have arrived....

If you have never checked them out...please do. They are the most original, classy fantastic company and they are worth every penny.
Go on...make your hubby get you one!!! ;)

Monday, February 9, 2009


This is just one site that I can't get enough of...Mild Obsession? Maybe..I like to think of it as a learning tool to get better at taking photographs.

This weeks theme is Silly!! Yeah. I have been waiting for this week for a couple now, it is finally here! If you have not had a chance to check out I♥Faces, please do so!!! The site is awesome and the people who run it are marvelous! Plus, this weeks winner will get a great prize!!!

Here are a couple of my boys being silly with suckers....gotta love those colors!!!

Till next post!

Friday, February 6, 2009

fPhoto Friday...Finally

So my gal pal Natalie has been hosting fPhoto Friday and I have been meaning to link up to her for several weeks. If you have not checked out her blog, please do. She is a true talent in the camera department and a sweet gal to boot! Thanks for starting this Natalie!!

I took these photos for a friend of mine whos hubby just turned 50!! She wanted something a little on the sexy side without revealing too much. I just love the way this turned out. Something with character and classy.

Thanks to Jen for allowing me to shoot these amazing shots of her!

Camera: Nikon D90
Mode: Manual
ISO 400

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

I♥Faces..The Eyes Have It

Again, I am beginning to feel like I only submit for the I♥Faces days, but to be honest with you, I just love what they do and I just love taking this Meme matches up with me perfectly!

This photo was taken this past fall. It was late September, on a day where it SHOULD have been about 60 degrees and it was 90 (oh how I long for the days again)! We took the boys to this ADORABLE place here where they can play on corn stalks and in a pit made of un popped corn!!! They LOVE it!!!

As you can guess, there is a large corn maze...and I snuck away with Mason to have a little photo shoot...His eyes just GET me..the bummer is that MOST of the time, they are covered with his glasses so it is hard to tell what color his eyes are. So, this submission is not only close to my heart, but honestly...YOU CAN SEE HIS BEAUTIFUL EYES...NO PHOTO SHOP HERE..this is the real deal!!!

If you have not seen I♥Faces, you just have to check it out! They are amazing at what they do and I love the site immensely. Until next time!