Thursday, June 24, 2010

365 {164-170}

OK-OK so the arrest might have been a roadside safety clinic or a littering decide! 
Did I have you all fooled?
*Yes, I know I am good like that!*
Now, onto my belated 365 post!

Are you guys ready to get back in the car and drive through the mountains????

We are on our way to Banff, Alberta, Canada
My husband spent tons of summers up here growing up and
the boys and I have never been here...

  We are in Banff!
Bow Falls to be exact here...
the water is insanely blue and the mountains as the backdrop...

We took the boys to the Banff "Hot" Springs which is natures HOT TUB.
The pools are naturally 129 degrees and have minerals that your body almost NEVER receives so these are like a dream come true...the boys LOVED them!


Our Fathers Day shoot was at Bow Falls and we took the boys up to the Banff Springs Hotel.
On our way to the hotel, the rocky mountain squirrells just come out of no where. You have to pretend that you are feeding them but you can not feed them anything...they are adorable!!!


This is Lake Louise. Um, I am pretty speechless at this place. Words can't really describe it. My husband always told me yet, I was an unbeliever until I truly saw it with my own eyes. Believe me when I say that you have GOT to put this place on your MUST See's. God really had us in mind when he made this place. The stress melts off you like ice cream on a cone....

Speaking of Ice Cream melting on a cone.....

After a 2 mile hike up to Johnston Canyon we rewarded the boys with some ice cream!
These boys have become pretty good hikers!

More on our trip to come.....

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

365 {157-163}

My typical garb when headed to the pool...
and Yes, I can NOT live without my reloadable Starbucks card!

A final trip to the neighborhood pool before we head out on vacation!

A Bouquet that I had to snap a photo of...I want flowers like this everyday!!!

Gearing up for our Road Trip.....Alberta Canada here we come.....

After 17 hours of driving through 3 tornados, and a major detour in Sascatchewan Canada...
we made it to CALGARY..don't they seem excited to be out of the car???

Calgary Central Park

The Saddle Dome in Calgary which is the home of the
CALGARY FLAMES hockey team
*a must see for receiver as he would not road trip without it*

We ran into a little hic-cup along the way!
*no children were injured in the making of this photo*

To be continued.......

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Out of the Bloffice

We are off on our summer vacation!!! 
Am I behind on my 365? Y~E~S
Will I make up for it on our trip? 
Without a doubt...;) 
Where are  Eyeglasses & Endzones headed? 

*Banff to be exact* 

Looks a little something like this....

  The Banff Springs Hotel....(We are not staying there...) 

....this is where I will be: 

And please say a prayer that we don't encounter one of these....

Sheesh....I'm outta my comfort zone;)

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Free For All Friday...WINNER!!!

Working all weekend means that you all got a little extra time to enter the contest!
Results from!

Min: 1

Max: 94

Result: 85

Powered by RANDOM.ORG

                         That means the winning person is:
                                Loren from Magoos News!

Congratulate her, and Loren...let me know what you want!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Free For All Friday...My Week!


I know I am late on this sorry, I should have thought ahead since my boys are out of school now, I am a total mess!!! I hope to be organized this weekend to get organized...

So, I am making up for it with a really really great drawing...;)

You can choose from a $15.00 Kohls Giftcard OR a $15.00 Barnes and Noble Gift Card!!!!

* Leave me a comment
* Leave Mimi a comment
* Be a follower of my blog...
* Must Love Shopping or Reading....(4 total entries)!

Get it started...sorry, I was late!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

365 {150-156}

                                        Sunday 365-150
                     Let's get this week rolling with my favorite-ist {cmon that is totally a word} thing.....
                                                              CHOPPED SALAD!
                   Don't be jealous...OK BE Jealous! I could eat this every day for the rest of my life....
                                                                   Shhhh..there is a secret ingredient that I still can't figure out!

Monday 365-151
Happy Memorial Day Everyone! I snapped this shot while @ a Twins pretty!

Tuesday  365-152
This was my 1st time to our new stadium...
TARAH-GET nice that they name it after me!

Wednesday 365-153
I love this kid but man..he is a total Dirty Sanchez..I am telling you! He is NEVER CLEAN!
Good thing he is cute!

Thursday 365-154
Here comes a great little catcher! He made 2 plays at the plate for outs!
Love watching him!!
Check out those RED Rec-Specs...Saucy!

Friday 365-155
Talk about Sassy..check this cutie out! 
She is my good friends little girl and
 I just love her little faces that she gives!!!  

Saturday 365-156
We had a day of cleaning around the house..
I mean, that is soo fun isn't it!
I think the only thing that could be more fun is if your wife snaps
a photo of you while doing it!!! HA !

                  What did your week look like in Photos???