Saturday, July 31, 2010

Happy 6th Birthday!

My boys are born 3 years and 8 days apart and still people ask me all the time
"Are they Twins?"
*Maybe I should stop making them match right about now!*

Again, I can hardly believe that my little, little tiny baby is now 6!
He is BIG TIME now!
So here are the top 6 things I love about this little munchkin:

1. He is truly a grateful child! His heart is very pure and genuine. I love how sweet he is!
2. He is NEVER clean! Honestly, I wish I was kidding but it is IMPOSSIBLE for him to be clean..Just Deal!
3.He looks up to his big brother and loves to hang with his Dad at the baseball game!
4. His favorite team behind the Twins is "Boston Green Socks". Yes, he re-named them.
5. His favorite color is green!
6. His favorite food is Noodles...any kind of Noodles!

We love you & Wish you the Happiest 6th Birthday!

Mom, Dad & QB!

Friday, July 23, 2010

My Baby is 9...

He was due to arrive August 23rd, 2001. HE had a different plan.
After an entire plate full of peanut butter cookies and laying on the couch....
I got up, my water broke, and my world changed FOREVER.
 Little did I know that just 9 short years later that HE would teach me some of life's greatest lessons.
Here are 9 things that I LOVE about my 9 year old....
 Happy Birthday Baby!

1. He loves God and asks me frequently how many times he can
"pray" to ask God into his heart.
{I think he just wants to make sure}! 

2. He has more math power in his pinkie that I do in my whole body...
yes, he is my TIP calculator!

3. He is a great big brother...
give or take a punch or two

4. He has a lot of great ideas that could turn into something big for him.
 {I expect all of you to buy the  Roboball}!

5. He has grown 3 inches in the past year and his shoe size is 4.

6. His FAVORITE food is Spaghetti and Meatballs & The Meatball sub @ Subway.
Who can blame him?

7. His current idea for his profession is a Sportscaster.....
Can I get a S-Y-R-A-C-U-S-E?

8. He absolutely can NOT get enough of sports.
He loves it all! Baseball, Football, Basketball, Soccer, Hockey ;)

9. He is LOVED by his family for everything he is now,
and everything he is about to become!


Happy 9th Birthday!!!!

Mom, Dad & Brother

Sunday, July 18, 2010

365 {191-197}

Trying to stay caught up and I can tell you it will be a challenge!
Nevertheless, I have made a committment to 365 I must!

My new Sister in Law!
They got married in France, but we had a civil ceremony here is
Minnesota for all the people who could not attend, so I took some photos.
Isn't she stunning!

My home has been a construction zoo for the past couple of weeks.
We had the outside of the house stoned, and we had some left I had them do this project with the waste {don't ever call me un-resourceful}!

   Ahh..Watermelon &
Dirty Fingernails...all part of summer!
       PS...remember that bald kid?
What happened to him?

                                           Finally, time to squeeze in some school work, 
                   we have been on the go soo much that we have totally neglected our studies!
    I have been meaning to get a frame for QB's awesome Presidential Physical    Fitness Award but time has been escaping me for weeks,   FINALLY I did it! We are soo proud of him! I Never received this as a child {no surprise} but Dad did every year so it is something that QB is super proud of! Only 6 students in his whole school received it! Way to go QB!

I took this shot when on vacation, but I did not have time to upload the last bit, I just love this photo  and in addition to loving the photo, I love the LENS!!! My Sony Zeiss 50mm Macro 1.4 ;)

A very STORMY night in our area, lots of tornados looming and our neighborhood was very OMINIOUS with this color sky in the background...QB and Dad love to watch the storms and when this color sky came out, they called me out to snap a photo....
I have NEVER seen that color sky before...;)


Till Next Week...what does your week look like in photos?

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

365 {170-190}

Sometime I bite off an INSANE a little bit more than I can chew!
I had no idea that Summer was going to be soo crazy for us.
I can hardly believe that the 4th of July is over...where does the time go?
So, apparently I need to get caught up on my, lets rol1!

Does not get any more simple than that!!! ;)
WHAMO...BAMMO...Caught up!

Friday, July 2, 2010

Happy 4th of July Weekend.....

OK, I won't think to myself that Summer is a down hill slide from here...
or maybe I will sense I just typed it!
Hope you all have a BLESSED 4th of July &
 to all our Soldiers for the Freedom you provide us!

We are cabin bound.....