Sunday, August 22, 2010

365 {226-232}

I'm really starting to appreciate the value of a photograph. I just love the feeling of being behind the camera. And most importantly, I love the finished product. I believe that not only can you take a photograph is of a messy face kid, and edit it to be an insane masterpiece, but you can also appreciate some of God's Great Wonders in small, this week my photos are NOT elaborate {perhaps they never have been} but very much ME enjoying some of the simple things....

I love that my kids love orangutan's and monkeys. On our trip to the zoo,
I snapped this photo, and it just makes me think about how Sweet these animals truly are!

How many times can  I put one of my guys faces up here and not feel blessed, they test my patience, they teach me unconditional love, they showed me that NO amount of baby wipes will go away while I am in the midst of parenting them!

I'm just appreciating the fact that BOTH of my boys can swim.
I can relax in a pool chair and this is one of GOD's biggest blessings to a Mom of 2 busy boys!

This is the SMALL things folks....the sun hitting the branches ever so slightly yet still providing shade,
every single little leaf in the exact same order, with the exact same beauty. Take a moment out of  your day to lay underneath one of these for a few minutes and ALL seems right with the world!

Water is soo relaxing and refreshing! When I read a story about how so many people in our world don't have clean water, and then I think about the OVER abundance that we have to the point where we make the most beautiful sculptures to help display it....We are truly blessed!

I'm thankful for innocence and genuine expressions that children have. It is hard for them to fake emotions so I love capturing something innocent that displays someones real personality.

Most importantly, I am thankful that GOD made me. In all my imperfection, impatience, he still gets me! I'm thankful that he has given me the wrinkles, the laugh lines, the extra 25lbs that won't go away as a gentle reminder that I lived life and should be enjoying it more.....

What are you THANKFUL for this week?

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

365 {219-225}

Better a little late then never has always been my motto....

Here is my week in photos!

Receiver FINALLY met his match in the candy department in our stop off at
Minnesota's Largest Candy Store!

A Jelly Fish, up close and personal!
Our trip to Underwater World @ Mall of the Merica as receiver says!

Look @ that sweet boy! My girlfriends little guy..his eyes make me melt! So adorable!

A little ice cream goes a long way!
This kid was meant to be a Dairy Queen spokes model!

Someone would be in trouble if this was not a bubble gum cigarette.....remember those?
They are so fun!
(Yes, he thinks the dark part is suppost to be out...he will never make a good smoker! Whew!)

This is the other sweet boy...Receiver and this little guy are buddies!
 I just love his innocense in this photo!

A trip to the Como Zoo was on the Summer Bucket List...and guess what?
We marked it off!
 What is on your bucket list for the Summer?
 We are feverishly trying to cram it all in!!!
Till next week...Keep on Snappin!

Saturday, August 14, 2010


And the WINNER is:

Random.Org selected #4

So, Miti, you need to send me your favorite color, pattern and we will get the ball rolling!!!

Congratulations! And thanks to Mimi for letting me host!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

FFAF...Free for All!


This is a good one girls!

My Free For All Friday giveaway this week is:

An Embroidered Keychain Wristlet!!!
This is taking about 10-14 days to get to you. Various color patterns available!

You will have a chance to win by:

1. Leaving me any old comment (1 Entry)
2. Follow my blog (1 entry for current, and 2 entries for new followers)
3. Leave Mimi a comment (1 Entry)
4. Take the FFAF button and post on your blog (1 Entry)

Total of 5 possible chances to win!

Winner will be selected Friday night @ 11pm Central 12am Eastern
Be prepared to tell me your favorite color!!!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

365 {212-218}

Another week has totally flown by.....
I am amazed at how quickly days go in the summer!

Here is another week in my life via photos!

I bought these 2 really cool dishes for our boys to have their allowances in....

My new stash of Magazines arrived today...ahh, I love that!

Someone has some splainin to do....
I hate when things get broken or ripped!


Do you see the dust in my wine rack?
I don't drink much obviously,
but this is my BIGGEST pet peeve other than my kitchen floor....

After my day long trip to Utah
{it went really well, thanks for your prayers}
I came home to these:
{daisy's are my favorite!}
We took the boys down to VIKINGS football camp.
It was a scorcher!!!
 More posts about this later!
Don't I look thrilled to be in the squelching heat????
Does anyone else ever think that if ALL your freckles connected,
you would have one kickin tan? Im just sayin.....

Till next week!


Friday, August 6, 2010

Can I ask a favor?

I'm traveling today on business and I am hoping that I can get all of you to say a little prayer for me.
I have been in the process of a new job, a really exciting opportunity & today I am flying to meet everyone face to face. I am totally at peace right now, a tad bit nervous but I know that God is in control.....

More to come.
Thanks for your prayers...

Typing from 33,000 feet ;)

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Really Random....

I can barely stand it anymore, I just have to get this off my mind and onto virtual paper. Does anyone else do this something weird? Is it just me? I could understand if I just started and it was just something that comes and goes...BUT IT IS NOT! I can't get rid of it and I am sort of annoyed at myself but I am holding it together for all of you....

So what do I do? {I'm so glad you asked}......

I memorize license here is the weird thing,
only if I know you and I know what car you drive.

So here is the deal, I am NOT a follower. I don't scope out your car for no reason but if you happen to be parked at Target and I know you...Guaranteed, I know your license plates...don't believe is some freaky stuff and you know who you are:

VER 406
141 DEG
CUW 041
SAY 110
UGL 641
784 BDG (that one is mine)

something tells me that I will be able to sleep like a baby tonight
now that that is off my chest!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

365 {198-211}

Two weeks behind is beginning to become the norm for me with my 365.
I don't consider it overwhelming but I have to say that once you get behind,
 it is rather tough to actually stay caught up!
If only there was some service out there that uploaded your photos for you {hint hint Mimi}...

Well, I am not doing a collage this week but I am going to get caught up tonight.
So get ready to scroll!!!


Our Baseball weekend is under way...the Knights took 3rd Place! Way To Go KNIGHTS!

This is my Ebay to take a guess how much moola is here?
Who Knows...I may never know at this rate!


This baby NEVER stops ringing...Conference calls, friends, playdates, appointments.
Check out the screen...who misses 27 calls? We do!

The 1st sign that school is coming! We have our list and our 1st few supplies!
*Note, I am NOT counting down...I would never do that!

These are my new outdoor lights....

Finally, I can say our outdoor construction is completed!
Tarah + Construction = Crabby;)


We had a joint birthday party with lots of buddies...sports had by all!
Happy Birthday QB & Receiver!

After presents...we had to play!
Thank goodness Poppy was up for connect 4!

Here is Son and Coach with the 3rd Place trophies!
 After 4 games on the hottest day of the year, we had a little sweat dripping down our brows!

This is one of my favorite bushes in our yard. I just love the leaves!

I took this photo at the Birthday party but I just love it!
 Man does this sum up Receiver...Messy, Adorable, and sooo cheezy (or in this case mustard-y)!

We made Chocolate covered bananas. Per the request of our 2 little monkeys!

I just love this photo.
 We took it at the Cabin before fireworks and I love the Sunset..his eyes, the glow of the necklace!

Our swingset that was just stained by looks so much better!
Good thing I don't have a before picture!

Once again, I am caught up. Man- I need to do this more often!