Tuesday, August 3, 2010

365 {198-211}

Two weeks behind is beginning to become the norm for me with my 365.
I don't consider it overwhelming but I have to say that once you get behind,
 it is rather tough to actually stay caught up!
If only there was some service out there that uploaded your photos for you {hint hint Mimi}...

Well, I am not doing a collage this week but I am going to get caught up tonight.
So get ready to scroll!!!


Our Baseball weekend is under way...the Knights took 3rd Place! Way To Go KNIGHTS!

This is my Ebay pile...care to take a guess how much moola is here?
Who Knows...I may never know at this rate!


This baby NEVER stops ringing...Conference calls, friends, playdates, appointments.
Check out the screen...who misses 27 calls? We do!

The 1st sign that school is coming! We have our list and our 1st few supplies!
*Note, I am NOT counting down...I would never do that!

These are my new outdoor lights....

Finally, I can say our outdoor construction is completed!
Tarah + Construction = Crabby;)


We had a joint birthday party with lots of buddies...sports had by all!
Happy Birthday QB & Receiver!

After presents...we had to play!
Thank goodness Poppy was up for connect 4!

Here is Son and Coach with the 3rd Place trophies!
 After 4 games on the hottest day of the year, we had a little sweat dripping down our brows!

This is one of my favorite bushes in our yard. I just love the leaves!

I took this photo at the Birthday party but I just love it!
 Man does this sum up Receiver...Messy, Adorable, and sooo cheezy (or in this case mustard-y)!

We made Chocolate covered bananas. Per the request of our 2 little monkeys!

I just love this photo.
 We took it at the Cabin before fireworks and I love the Sunset..his eyes, the glow of the necklace!

Our swingset that was just stained by dad...it looks so much better!
Good thing I don't have a before picture!

Once again, I am caught up. Man- I need to do this more often!

14 CHEERS from the Crowd!:

Rachel said...

Am I first? Really and truly?

Rachel said...

Oh yeah!!! :)

Looks like a crazy busy week - and loads of fun!

Your house is beautiful, happy birthday to the boys, and 27 calls?!?! (Maybe I'm a little glad I'm deaf, hee hee :)

Tracy said...

Gorgeous house and boys!

Emily said...

Enjoyed your pictures! You guys are busy!!!

Anonymous said...

Busy weeks...wowzers.

He & Me + 3 said...

YOu did it and a blog makeover and some comments. You are rocking and rolling! Loved the pictures this week. The house looks great the lights look great. I see you are going green.
YOu forgot to tell them that 26 of those calls were from your cousin. LOL
Happy Late Birthday to the boys.
Congrats on taking third. That is awesome.

Kameron said...

Ahhh, doesn't it feel good to get caught up!? Happy birthday. That is funny that the boys bithdays are only 8 days apart! It looks like you've been keeping busy and having fun!

Sonya said...

the house and lights look fabulous..enjoy..I already bought school supplies too.

McCrakensx4 said...

Love your house..stlyle, color, 3 car garage! And happy birthday to your boys...how exciting! And love the baseball pic of the bats in the foreground and players in the background!

Foursons said...

I absolutely love the colors of your house. It looks so nice. Happy birthday to your guys!

Jane Anne said...

Ok, um, your post made me want to do so many things...
return calls
back to school shopping
eat yummy birthday treats
play games with my kids

Wonderful, wonderful pictures!

Kristal@knit1kids4.wordpress.com said...

It is so fun to see your week in pictures

Jen said...

Cute cute!
The house looks great!
We got school supplies today.
Love bananas on a stick...and dip em in some chocolate!
Have a great night!

carissa @ lowercase letters said...

you are one busy, but ever so adorable family! i love the fotos and think 365 is awesome. ha - thanks for stopping by... i love that you call it tarah get. - too awesome! i'm following you too!