Sunday, May 30, 2010

365 {143-149}

Ah, these posts are getting easier and it takes the owness off of me in the week to gather up a post every day. Given the shuffle of my new job, kids and working out, it is insane to try and squeeze penmanship into the mix!
I mean Shoot, I can barely wash, dry and get the clothes put away these days!

Sunday 365/143
On Sunday, I ate one of these with the boys....I mean sharing it 3 ways certainly is not THAT bad is it?

Monday 365/144
Feeling a little guilty...
I had to put these babies on and head to the gym!

Tuesday 365/144

I bought these enormous pots at a garage sale for $5.00!
 But, they were cream and needed to be painted a fun color, so I painted them!
I love the color, they look so bright and summery outside!!!

Wednesday 365/145
I watched my girlfriends kiddos for a short time on Wednesday night and this adorable little rug rat decided to eat a piece of chalk....Her mom wouldn't mind would she???

Thursday 365/147
These babies arrived in the mail and I get to share one with a special blogger...
even if only for a little while!

Friday 365/148
My 3rd graded brought this work of art home today! I was really proud of him! Now, I realize that 3rd grade girls can do this and make purses, wallets, pot holders but hey- this is a 3rd grade BOY!!! ;)

Saturday 365/149
This munchkin has been pretty cute these days!
So, I let him climb up to the sunroof, the sky was AWESOME
and dude has some hair finally so what better opportunity!

Enjoy your week in photos!!!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

365/136 - 365/142

Another week of photos submitted by moi.
{contain your excitement please}!
What a fun week for me!

Sunday 365/136
Caught RED handed with an entire doughnut shoved in his face....
I believe he told me he was on his 4th one before I found him!
And to think I thought at this point he would be safe in the house!

Monday 365/137
Amazing Orange flowers on our field trip.
Makes me think my own flowers will be orange this year!

Tuesday 365/138
 I had to document this adorable shirt that the Kindergartners wore on their field trip

Wednesday 365/139
Our Master Bedroom,
I have had the painting itch so this room might be next...any color suggestions?

Thursday 365/140
I love this building and I pass it several times per day so
I FINALLY stopped to snap a the glass!

Friday 365/141
The cool M&M's ready for our Bachelorette party on Saturday!

Saturday 365/142
As part of the Bachelorette Party for my to be Sister in Law we headed to
 Jon Charles Salon for a BLOW DRY BOOTCAMP & Make-Up Session.
I had someone snap this photo of my head but I am Still Counting it!
I can honestly say, this is THE BEST my hair has ever looked but of course we had 40 mile per hour winds so the second I stepped outside it was trashed!!!
But I am pretty postitive that I met my new Hair Stylist today...
Craig Curtis, WATCH OUT your gonna love me!

What did your week look like in pictures????

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Field Trips, Friends and Fretting About Futures

Today was a big day in our house!
Receiver had his Kindergarten field trip!
I remember taking QB on this same trip and man has the time flown by {anyone else feel like that?}.
 Also, QB had to memorize a Shel Silverstein poem and read it aloud to a small auditorium filled with parents, teachers and grandparents..HE DID AWESOME!
And, he made a 3rd grade Poem book...Yep- I cried ;)
You can tell his poppy is a pastor because he had ZERO issue with stage fright!!!

We had some great times today, it is soo fun to see my littlest guy with his buddies!
 However, I have a serious question I need to pose to all of you that have had children on the cusp of the birthday/school saga.

It was very evident to me today that Receiver is YOUNG.
I mean I had 2 kids in my group that are turning 7 in 3 weeks and they are heading into 1st grade in the fall.
I guess I am having a dilemma because I have enrolled receiver in Kindergarten and he is 3 weeks away from completion. Aside from his eyeglasses which give him problems with his sight, and his writing/reading he is absolutley fine in the comprehension department. In fact higher than I expected in some areas
{does NOT come from his Mom}.
 So- my question to all of you is, have you ever had a child REPEAT Kindergarten?
What are your thoughts on that because I waiver between NO WAY  I can not mentally do that to him and YES, it would be great for him to get an additional year of maturity under his belt before the smack down of first grade happens.......
Sometimes I wish I could just roll a dice...but this is BIG STUFF FOR ME!!!
Do share! I need some help!

Here are a couple of pics from our fun day@ the zoo!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

365 {122-135}

My 365 has been taking a serious beating lately. I have been on a roll with the whole collage thing but I know that is not the best way to highlight my photography, so I am back to regular photos...I promise not to be too lengthy!

Sunday 365/122 -
My Kitchen after a fresh coat of paint and a new calendar system...Organized!

Monday 365/123
On our way to our nieces graduation in Ohio my feet were just chillin in the window!

Tuesday 365/124
A sweet photo that I shot of the graduate and her 2 brothers...precious!

Wednesday 365/125
This soldier was at the door while we entered the graduation ceremony.
Really brought me to my knees!

Thursday 365/126
We planted a garden in our house...just seeds but they are coming along nicely~

Friday 365/127
Could these things look any juicier? Yumm-O!

Saturday 365/128
Took QB to FMSC which is a great organization that packs food for millions of hungry children throughout the world. Check out for more information!

Sunday 365/129
Looks like this dude has more windows then doors in his mouth...he lost 2 teeth in one day!

Monday 365/130
a LITTLE boredom always makes for fun self portraits...

Tuesday 365/131
I snapped a photo at Baseball of a deaf mom speaking to a deaf child and it just melted my heart! I loved to see them going back and forth! ;)

Wednesday 365/132
A special signing for the kids when the High School Baseball Team signs autographs!

Thursday 365/133
When in doubt...shoot another self portrait! LOL ;)

Friday 365/134
A rollerblading maniac sometimes takes a big fall..

Saturday 365/135
I am refinishing this old window to be a photo frame and I am L-O-V-I-N it !
{insert McDonalds theme song}

Officially caught up and now I am hoping to stay on top of it!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Free 4 All Winner!


Well there were quite a few funny comments so it would have been hard to choose ;)
I let RANDOM select the winner and lo and behold, he selected # 25...LESLIE!!!!

Email me with what you want and I will get it in the mail {hopefully sooner than Stacey's camera strap!} 


Friday, May 14, 2010

Free 4 All Fridays - MAY!

Excuse Me...Excuse Me
{It's My Turn}.
YES, It is the 2nd week in MAY
It's ME ME so WHAT am I giving away you ask?
Hmmm...I have been torn, really torn so I am letting you select one of the following options:

OLD NAVY FLIP FLOPS...You pick 2 Pair ;)

 A Small Beach Bag of somekind.
I have some ideas up my sleeve...
they are cool but Do NOT look like these!
You will have to Trust me on this one!!!

This insect repellent is Organic and smells AWESOME!

I will also include a bottle or two of my favorite Sun Tan Lotion;)

So here is what you have to do to win:

1. Love my blog by being a follower and comment that you are new! (1 Entry)
2. Leave me a comment that you already follow (1 entry)
3. Love Mimi's Blog and Leave a comment for her (1 entry)
4. Blog about this giveaway on your own blog (1 entry)
5. I will give 1 extra entry to the person who makes me laugh the hardest with their comment (1 entry)
*Disclaimer - This is at MY discretion so if you don't make me laugh it is because you are NOT funny!*

4 Total Entries and Random.Org will help me select the winner!

 Good LUCK!!!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

365 {109-121}

Honestly, I am surprised that this blog even still exists LOL~
Well, it does and I am forever playing catch up these days!
So, here I am with what I like to call a 365 COP OUT..yep another collage!!!

Highlights from this week:

1. A new, yeah. That really blows...not gonna lie but what do you do?
2. I did NOT park in a handicap instead of a visitor spot...what evs..
(I mean a mom can only remember so much right?)
3. Receiver learned to tie his shoes!!!! ;)
4. A before and after shot of eyebrows...
somehow I had to squeeze that in because I looked like a bristle brush..

ON SUNDAY I will be back to the single photos;)