Saturday, February 28, 2009

Wynn in Vegas...Do as the Gamblers Do!!!

Looks like my trip to Vegas for training was a little fly by night...Let's just say that Vegas and Professionalism...a little to difficult to balance!!

Yes, I was excited to feel see the 65 degree temperatures. Oh no, I was NOT stuck in the hotel almost the entire time. Lets just say that I am really getting as an homage to the fact that I could be the LEAST likely person to hang out in Vegas I will give you the top 10 highlights of my trip....DRUM ROLL PLEASE..

10) The outgoing flight was delayed by 3 hours and I noticed this right after my husband and children dropped me off and left me for dead quiet.

9) The cash machine at the airport that kept spitting out receipts but no cash...this should be fun to work with the bank!

8) Being charged $15 to check a bag...1st time flying for me since this lovely little change took place!

7) Being one of 2 girls on a team of 25...oh, the things that I put up with (read below)..=)

6) When in my presentation with TOP executives at my company I had a little blunder that I had a hard time recovering blunder was something like this: "Guys, I have to juggle a lot of balls when I am at home." Now, mind you this was in a professional context and it was NOT taken in a professional context...Yeah for me wanting to crawl through a tiny hole in the floor.

5) Insomnia...I go to bed at 2am central time normally and I got to Vegas and that was only midnight so...lets just say that I was not in bed before 4am central time by no fault of my own!

4) Long trainings...dozing off!

3) The bowling tournament..lets just say that I bowled a massive 50....that is awful and my boss even said..."Tarah, lets institute the Grannie"...Yikes, there goes my promotion!!!

2) The really great water show at the Veranda @ was amazing!!! (see photo)

1) My co-worker Jon just stopping in the high stakes slot room and popping in $20 and walking away with $800....ONLY IN VEGAS!

9 CHEERS from the Crowd!:

McCrakensx4 said...

What fun! We are only 4 hrs from Vegas! We are not gamblers but we love the sights! Great pics!

He And Me + 3 said...

Sounded like a very fun get some rest. Great pictures and you look fabulous!

Natalie said...

Great pictures! I've always wanted to visit Vegas. Sounds like ya'll had a great trip!

Elaine said...

We are about 3 1/2 hours from there. We love the food and shows. Hope you get rested soon.

Homesteader in Training said...

Vegas scares me! LOL. I wouldn't survive the night life since I go to bed by 9pm. LOL. I'm a wicked party animal! Ha!ha!
Great post. I loved reading it!

Kameron said...

Living in Vegas was interesting, but I managed it for about 4 years. I do miss being warm and the fact that you can get steak and eggs at 4am! :o) Looks like you had fun, even with some of the blunders of the trip!

heidi said...

Bahahha - juggling a lot ofballs.

I'm such a 12 year old boy, at heart!

E said...

Man, I"m so jealous!!! I've never been to Vegas. Someday baby! Someday!

Kaylan said...

I'm so sry the first part of the trip was not so fun, but looks like Vegas was nice! Great pics!

I'm with u on the $15 per bag thing! I checked a bag for the FIRST time in ages last week and was not so happy to discover that "wonderful" change! lol