Saturday, January 17, 2009

Inauguration Events

I am blogging today because I will be a single parent for the next 5 days (kudos to all the ladies and gentleman who may do this on a regular basis) and this is new to me. My husband has not traveled for work in over 5 years so lets just say that I am used to having him around!

My hubby is currently in Cleveland, Ohio having an adult male (scary) sized road trip on the way to Washington DC. Yes, somehow through no luck of his own he has scored tickets to the Inauguration and all its festivities..OK, well maybe his best friend had a little something to do with it!!! =)

Let me just say this, I know that we all have spanning political views. I am not blogging about this to create another up rise in the Presidential selection. I am merely ecstatic for my husband and his best friend to be at a Presidential Inauguration. I think that it is something that every adult should get to see at least once in your lifetime and for him, he will be able to cross it off the list.

I have also given him a couple of things to pass along for the "rest" of us...

1. Make sure that you tell him he is THE most prayed for man in the world.

2. Please tell him about "MY" economic stimulus plan...I am not an economist..I am a level headed thinker with a couple of "doozies" as my hubby calls them.

3. Get a signed picture of Ashton Kutcher if possible.

If any of the above things happen, I will let you know. Until then, lets just all pray for our country. In general we need it...and lets not forget...."IN GOD WE TRUST."

10 CHEERS from the Crowd!:

Melanie said...

I am with you all the way on this. We should always pray for our president.... regardless of our political views. Also praying your hubby has a safe and exciting trip. Oh, and most definitely for you and the kiddos at home!

Have a great weekend!

Alicia, The Snowflake said...

Amen! We all need to remember our new President in our prayers. I wouldn't want his job for all the tea in China :o)

I hope your hubby has a great trip! And I hope you are able to keep your sanity over the next 5 days!

He And Me + 3 said...

How fun for E. That is so great! Wow, I didn't realize he would be gone that long. I will pray for you. LOL
Praying for our country and upcoming president.
Sorry I missed your call. It has been crazy busy.

Kameron said...

Aston Kutcher?? :o) Good luck the next 5 days on your own! Everyone should pray for the President, no matter who it is. I can't even begin to imagin the responsibility that comes along with that position. I like the new header too by the way!

Carol said...

Wow, that sounds exciting for your husband. You'll be in my prayers as he is away.

Have fun with your boys! :-)

McCrakensx4 said...

Wow, what a great experience! That was a great list of things to give the big guy though! Good luck with the single mom thing...been there, done that! They actually call all the coaches wives Football Widows during the season! Have a fun week!

Candace Jean July 16 said...

Tarah, I'm so glad you clicked by my blog to introduce yourself! I'll pray for your husbands safe travels and definitely for our president. What a job he has ahead of him! You think he could get me an Ashton Kutcher autograph, too? After all, he grew up about a half hour from here and I haven't had the privilege of meeting him yet! BUT - my BFF (he just doesn't know it yet) Kurt Warner is going to the Super Bowl!! He hails from around here too.

Blessings, and stay warm, Candy

PS - Your boys are absolutely adorable!

Davisix said... your list, especially #3...mmmm hmmm. Also, had to tell you...the glasses that Elaine won from you...WOW, GORGEOUS! You rock Sistah!!! :) xoxo Ang

Debra said...


Hope you hubby has a great and safe time!

The picture you have of this at the top is just beautiful itself!

Happy Monday, my friend!

Amanda said...

Well...this is a good perspective. I persoanlly am avoiding the whole thing like the plague. Its not about the president anymore... its about sensationalism and what celebrities are attending. MY OPINION!

I will pray for a safe trip and that he can actually see wahts going on and enjoy it!

God bless-