Thursday, July 23, 2009

Quarterback Turns 8...Isn't this Great!!!

Ladies...Lock up your daughters!!!
Our oldest boy has turned 8 and I am having a hard time dealing with it.
We have to say that we are pretty proud of the "little man" he has become and we are praying every day for the man that he turns out to be.
As a first born it is always his character to seek the approval from adults and let me just say that by seeking approval, I mean hold entire conversations with adults who are 10 times his age. Hmmm..not sure where he gets his chatterbox skills!!
Happy Birthday Quarterback & Here are just (8) things that we love about you!!!
(there are obviously more but this is my know the lists)

8. You are a SPORTS FREAK. I mean not just the average kid who is interested. You LIVE and DIE by ESPN and if Sports Center is not on in your room to tell you the stats of the last MLB game...uh, watch out! A boy has got to know what Joe Mauer is hitting for the Twins...RIGHT?

7. I do NOT need a tip calculator with him around. Thanks to his math skills I can safely go out to eat without feeling like a cheap skate anymore!

6. An avid collector of all things SPORTS Jerseys. Yep, he is in love with $60.00 shirts with numbers on the back. Gone are my days of the $1.99 T-shirt from Old Navy. He has his own style and even his principal at school says "Hey, you look weird without a jersey on"!

(Now you know why I wear the lamest cheapest clothes I can find)

5. He plays Hockey in the basement with his brother at least 10 times a day. Yes, someone always comes up with an injury but what else are big brothers for? They have to show you the ropes, and sometimes you get burned!

4. His spelling determination. He wants to soak up that dictionary and as long as I am around to promote that...we could be spelling bee bound! Today's word CONSCIENTIOUS. Dudes, I had to look that up again to spell it correct myself...YIKES, I am not a teacher!

3. That jacked up smile that he has! Yes, I LOVE IT! It is soooo him right now. I just love that his 2 front teeth are a little crooked and that the 2 next to the fronts are totally MISSING. Yes, you heard me correctly...No ADULT teeth are there. So, it is a good thing he is sticking with us because the Orthodontia bill is going to be a little crazy!

2. He still snuggles!!! Yes, my 8 year old still climbs into my bed at 8 in the morning and says "Good Morning Mom and Dad...I Love you!!!" Uh, Yeah, I'm gonna take that until he is at least 50...bottle it up and take it for another 50!!! ;) I Just LOVE that!!!

1. He is beginning to let God guide his little life! He understands that when he makes mistakes that forgiveness is key and that with God in your heart, you will always feel a "tug" as he calls it to do the right thing.

Happy Birthday to one of the most grateful, sweetest, kindest, hardest working, naturally good looking, adorable, sporty, smart, children I know....(Yes, I am bias).

I can't believe that you are 8!!!

Mom, Dad & Receiver LOVE YOU!!!


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Julie said...

Happy Birthday!!!!

8 is a great year. Enjoy!!!

Julie said...

julie wife mom nurse left that last comment...signed in to wrong account again!!!

The Real Me! said...

Oh Happy Birthday! And my 7 year old boy is the SAME way. LOVES to talk to adults and will talk their ear off.

Kim said...

What a super sweet birthday post for your little man. He is very cute and it a lot of ways he reminds me of my son who is the oldest, gotta love he still snuggles!

Have a great day!

Carrie said...

Happy Birthday! what a great list and a sweet picture...I think he is enjoying those kisses, LOL! Alex just turned 7 in July, and he thinks that he is instantly a grown-up...sigh! He is a cutie!

Lori: Teacher Turned Mommy said...

Happy 8th Birthday to your QB!

Stephanie said...

That was such a cool post! He is such an awesome little boy and I tell ya those spelling words would stop anyone in their tracks :)

I get tired to hearing sportscenter on in my house too....I can totally relate to hearing it 24/7!

Happy Birthday!

April said...

What a cute picture! I hope your little man has the best birthday EVER!

E @ Scottsville said...

He sounds like Cameron. =0) Cam is 12 and still comes up to snuggle and give me kisses and tell me he loves me. I hope it never changes. (but it will, no doubt) But Cam doesn't have the desire to spell correctly. Oh well.


Darling picture!

Sonya said...

Happy Birthday Jaxon. I know you are proud to have such a sweet boy. Told Cooper Jaxon got a dog named Goldy and he said " it after the Golden Gophers??Awesome!"We are having a blast in Louisiana but I know Coop will be ready to play some backyard sports with Jaxon soon.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, QB!

Bridget said...

Happy Birthday Quarterback!!

Courtney and the Boys said...

Aww, Tarah...that post was so sweet!! What a wonderful little dude you have there. And I love the picture and the jacked up smile comment. :)

Kameron said...

Happy Birthday buddy!! Mom, can you even believe your baby is 8? I cried when Natey turned 2. i am going to be a bigger mess as the years pass!

Darcie said...

Happy Birthday Quaterback! They grow up so fast...and loved your list for your little guy!

Jennifer W. said...

Happy Birthday, Quaterback! What a sweet post, mom.

Melyssa said...

Happy Birthday Jaxon! It was so much fun getting to know you at all the t-ball games! You are a great kid!!

He & Me + 3 said...

Happy Birthday QB! I am so glad that you liked the jersey we sent you. Enjoy it! Hope you have the best birthday EVA!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great lil' man! Happy Birthday!

christy rose said...

Oh Wow! He is so cute. I love the red-lipped kiss! He is all boy huh? My son still climbed into bed with us in the morning until he was 14. I kept thinking he was eventually going to think he is too big to do that and now that he is almost 16, he does. :( But I loved it while it lasted. Enjoy every minute of it.

Natalie said...

That face is classic!

McCrakensx4 said...

What a fabulous post for your 8 year old!!! He is such a hansome boy, er I mean man....and I am sure he will be a heartbreaker one day soon! I hope you all had a great day! Happy Birthday Quarterback!

Life with Kaishon said...

This made me cry a little. I mean, of course it made me smile too, but aren't these moments with our babies flying? I can't take it. Happy Birthday to your baby : ) May the snuggling continue forever!

Kelly said...

Happy birthday!! What a guy!!

Leslie said...

I love how first-borns can be. What a great guy he seems to be. Happy Birthday.

Miti said...

Wow!!! What a little charmer! Hsppy Belated Birthday to Quarterback!

ShannonDBR said...

This is my birthday too! Of course, I'm a lot older than eight{:)

I saw you stopped by & I know you said you we're following. Are you sure it went through? I don't see you on the list.

Take care & many blessings,


Mocha Momma said...

Sorry I'm late, but happy belated birthday to QB.

He's so into things. That's cool.

I can just see him in high, good looking, Christian , jock that has scads of friends and he's more interested in his relationship with the Lord than girls which will drive them crazy.

He'll handle it all well too.

Only the Lord knows, I was just playing around there.

more later