Sunday, April 25, 2010

A Massive 365 Catch-Up {080-108}

I am finally going to make this easy on myself. I have been taking photos
{yes, some mundane and massively boring but photos nontheless} the entire time but I have just not had time to upload, edit and make them really great! But, guess what? I don't care anymore! I need to just wipe this off my to-do list so that I don't feel like a total waste of the 365 project so here is the recap:

1. Visit San Diego for 4 days and take way too many awesome shots in Balboa Park. I am working with some VERY accomplished makes me very nervous to hang with this group of people, but they are soooo amazing!

2. Received our dog back and then got rid of him again...FINAL ANSWER: we are NOT an animal family.

3. Hair / No Hair. The baldness prevails at our house.

4. Cooking...lots to eat this last month ;)

5. Spring is here in some really random ways ;)

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

When 5 Year Olds Make Decisions

He has been requesting for weeks....
Mom and Dad have been very hesitant because we knew what would happen.
But THIS 5 year old was determined....Determined to be BALD.
*Parenting Tip: Do not let your 5 year old make decisions that will alter his self confidence in 3 seconds flat!


Sporting the "OLD MAN" Action

Really Really Sad....

The what have I done???? Face.

I know..I know, Mom of the year right?

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Falling Off the Face of the Earth...

Ladies {and one gentle-man who reads this}

Yes, I am falling off the face of the earth.
 In the past  3 weeks I have:
*Note: I am aware that I use this photo ENTIRELY too much. Too bad...this is really what I look like most days......

1. Lost my job.

2. Received 3 job offers and dealt with negotiating them.

3. Accepted (1) new position {Keep Reading}

4. Flown to San Diego for a week of training on the new position

5. Totally forgotten what my children and husbands names are... (they look like this to remind you..;)

6. Some how managed to be 21 days behind in my 365....{should I give up now?}

7. Been working 2 jobs for the 2 week overlap of old job ending and new job beginning.....

8. Realized that this may be my dream job because LADIES...I get tons and tons of this stuff
{for free I might add}....

9. If you guessed that I began working for these guys...{then you are correct}!!!

10. I am missing all of you and hoping that I can be around sometime soon to catch up with all of you!!!!!

11. Also- Being on the Little League Board has not been something that goes without notice...
Oh boy, Oh boy..I have a OVERPACKED plate right now {where is the starbucks and Reese's?}

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Free For All Friday...WINNER!!! ;)

Can you believe it.....JANE ANNE has Won!!!!

RANDOM.ORG selected # 16 ;)

Head on over to congratulate her...
or complain that you did not choose!!!!

I love these drawings...don't you???

Friday, April 9, 2010

Free 4 All Friday...April

Here we are again...with another Free 4 All Friday Giveaway....What is up for grabs this time you ask?????


$10.00 ITUNES GIFT CARD!!! Whoop Whoop!

Here is what you have to do to get it......
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