Sunday, June 1, 2008

A Much Needed Family Day

Ahhh, I have felt like I was ignoring my whole family for the last 2 weeks in preperation for the garage sale. Now that it is over, I looked forward to a great day with the kids and hubby too! Erik wanted to take the kids to a festival that we have here called Grand Old Days (GOD for short) HA! It is basically like a mini - state fair...all the food, music and people watching you could ask for. I took these pictures by some of the really big mansions on the streets....They are georgeous and I never get to photograph them because it is not convienient. So, my kids were guinny pigs.....

Then, it was time to head to the mall for mom to pick up some new items of clothing since she sold everything she owns in the sale (he wishes)!

We grabbed a bite to eat and then took the boys for a swim up at the pool.
All in all, a great day, Boys behaved and mom and dad were glad!
Sunday...busy Sunday!

2 CHEERS from the Crowd!:

Ding Ding Dorn said...

Love the pictures...& that sounds like a very fun day. We haven't even seen a pool yet. Lucky ducks! Enjoy spending that money too! Wish me luck on my sale this Saturday.

Lisa said...

We had a family day Saturday night and took the kids to see Iron Man, I wish it was not science fiction and it could really happen. If you go see the movie, you will see what I mean. Hollywood did it, too bad America can't. It was really violent but it helped our kids understand what it means to be at war. Not one word of bad language.