Saturday, May 31, 2008

My "Dogs" are Barking!!!

It is with extreme happiness and out and out joy that I am pleased to announce the "Club West Neighborhood Garage Sale" has come to an end......Several weeks of pricing items until 1-2am and then back up with the kids at 7....(OK, really sometimes it is 9:30)! It has really paid off.

5 households with baby gear, lawn equipment, furniture, DVDs, Strollers, and more CLOTHES than the average Target or Macy's store....My house feels lighter and my wallet feels often can we actually say that!!!

Take a gander and what my dogs look like after 3 straight days on my feet, with barely enough time in between shoppers to go to the bathroom. I am swollen like crazy....My dogs look like snausages (remember that commercial???) I am going to bed, I can barely even tolerate my body, let alone my wandering brain.

PS....I made enough money to feel like I am in the Mob!!! I am already pricing stuff for next year!
Can someone say Pedicure....that is almost too embarrassing!

Till Next Blog.....

3 CHEERS from the Crowd!:

Ding Ding Dorn said...

I am just glad I can't smell through the computer! BAAAAHHHHH!
Congrats on the sale...I am so jealous. I hope mine on Saturday is just as profitable.

Lisa said...

what a blessing to have a lighter house, a fatter wallet even if you have agony of defeet....I am glad for you, sounds like your hard work paid off. I hate setting up for garage sales so I don't always reach the maximum benefit--I am going to try once more. Shoot me some tips if you have a minute.

Anonymous said...

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