Thursday, October 8, 2009

A Letter

Dear Northwest Airlines, American Airlines and GoGo,

I feel the need to explain my day...because you care really care. 

What started out as an ordinary day for me quickly turned into something horrendous. Early to rise, be energetic and responsive to a bevy of training on yes you guessed it Computer products for Holiday 2009.

I quickly crammed a Ciabatta sandwich down my throat and headed to the airport on a *SWEET* shuttle bus from suburbia to the Austin Airport only after taking in a full schedule of morning training.

Check in Kiosk- CHECK
Boarding Pass - CHECK
Luggage to carry on - CHECK

Arrive at security. One major hic-cup. No license....start digging frantically. I mean FRANTICALLY. Um, found it....yes, I know that you realize I found it on the bottom of my foot....what? Apparently, it had fallen and slipped into the end of my sandal without any clue what so ever...I promise I am not really that dumb.

Strip down through security and decide to get wanded. I mean, I knew it would happen just par for the course today. Luggage clean of all weapon-y thingies - CHECK.

Proceed to the monitor to check status on flight....TIME: 12:46 PM. Actual flight leave time 5:46, ah yes, the lovely handy work of the corporate travel booking a mere 5 hours in perhaps the worlds most boring of airports.

What do I discover? A flight leaving to my destination city @ 1:10pm. I can make it, I know I can. Get to the gate and request a seat.

Northwest Attendant: Sorry ma'am if you had only been 5 minutes earlier, you could have a seat on this non-stop flight to Minneapolis.
Me: Really? There isn't one seat left? For little ol' me? I mean, c'mon I just got frisked and wanded and I pulled my license out of my stinky sandal...HELP.
Northwest Attendant: Again, sorry. There is nothing I can do (this is the airline mantra, I'm convinced).
Me: OK, I will just sit down for 5 hours and catch up on blogs.....

DENIED. Air card torced...I am a glass half full kinda person if you can't tell, so what is with this day already?

No wireless. CHECK
5 hours with nothing to do: CHECK
A google text alert that my flight is being delayed: CHECK
(side note: when this occurs and you are at the airport and there is someone right in front of you who should be able to tell you BEFORE your phone that your flight is delayed, ask them...just for giggles...because they really don't know...)

5:46 Flight, delayed to 7:50pm - CHECK
Make needed phone call to airline to convey dis satisfaction. CHECK
Request another airline and told nothing is flying out to Minneapolis. CHECK
Receive another text alert that this flight will be delayed until 9:55pm.

INSANITY. Yes, I know.

Many passengers are in a ruckus at this time. We are all on our blackberries trying to find a flight. Next status alert: Flight leaving at 11:05pm and again not ONE staff of northwest airlines at the gate to even inform of what is going on.

Finally, I walk over to customer service counter who tells me that I can get on American Airlines to Dallas and then to MSP. AWESOME. I head over to gate 17. At this point it is 6:30pm.

AA Flight Attendant: Yes ma'am how can I help?
Me: Yes, I am on a Northwest flight that is being delayed by the minute and I need to get home to MSP...can you help me?
AA Flight Attendant: Yes, let me see what is available. Ah. I have 16B open.
Me: Perfect. Can I transfer the ticket?
AA: No, I'm sorry. The charge is $890 with taxes.
*Receive google alert that flight is now delayed until 1:05am and will NOT be boarding this evening but they will NOT cancel the flight then they have to put you up in a hotel and that is just bogus.

Phone rings...boss says book it and get home. I book it. $890.00 ARE YOU KIDDING ME?

I'm in 16B arrive in Dallas and get off plane to stretch legs. See several people from previous northwest flight and start chatting. Guess who got tickets transferred for free? Yep...5 people on that flight but NOT ME. I paid $890 if you recall. Time: 8:15pm


8:30pm - Board for Minneapolis. Get all loaded up and on the run way we receive message on a MASSIVE thunderstorm that is over the entire midwest. This storm is slotted to dump 5 inches of rain in Texas.

Seat assignment. CHECK
Crying Baby. CHECK
No longer a half glass full kinda girl. CHECK

*DING* this is your captain..."Uh, this is a MASSIVE storm that we are trying to avoid and it looks like we are waiting for a re-route. We should have enough fuel to get us to Minneapolis but this will take a few moments to figure out if we weigh to much, we might have to dump some baggage. We will let you know as soon as the FAA is back to us. Thanks for your patience."

Slightly nervous. CHECK
Will I ever make it home. CHECK
Receiving free internet to type this story on the plane: CHECK and more CHECK...

Did I make it home safely? I guess we will wait to see.

Lightening the entire flight home. CHECK
No beverage service: CHECK
Internet makes up for all that. CHECK.

Thanks American Airlines and GoGo for making this post possible.......


26 CHEERS from the Crowd!:

Sandy said...

I'm praying you have made it home safely.

He & Me + 3 said...

Wow...Internet access makes up for it all. AA Rocks. Call me!

Bridget said...

Wow!! Hope you made it home!!

Sonya said...

Oh what a long day!!At least the rest of the family wasn't with you. That would have been 100x more stress ;)So cool you had internet and glad you finally made it home. I am a huge fan of American Airlines.Even if they charged you $890!!. Now, if only Southwest would add a MSP to DFW route I would be content.

Kameron said...

That totally sucks! It is amazing that we are all at the mercy of those idiots every time we fly. I love Virgin America and fly them whenever possible, but they don't go to very many destinations! I hope you made it home ok!

Darcie said...

Welcome to the Friendly Skys!!!

I remember how easy it use to be to travel...what happened???

Hope you have one relaxing weekend!

Miti said...

Oh Gosh Tarah!! I hope you're home by now and home safely. That's awful! It's a good thing blogger was able to keep you company.

Courtney and the Boys said...

Oh. My. Word. Seriously? The stars were aligned for a perfectly miserable day! And I would totally be demanding my $890 back! Hoping you made it home safely!!!!!

McCrakensx4 said...

Not so sure that internet would make me feel all warm and fuzzy, but glad that it worked for you!!! Hoping you made it home safely!

Alicia, The Snowflake said...

As we say here in the South, "Oh bless your little heart!" That sounds like a terrible way to have to spend a Friday. I am praying you make it home safely! Please let us know!

Jennifer Haas said...

WOW! You had a fun time at the airport. I cannot beleive how long of a day you had. You deserve a glass of wine and a bubble bath!!! I hope Austin was at least fun.

Andrea said...

Prayers for safe travel. Blessings, andrea

Beth E. said...

Good heavens! I have never flown...never, ever. After reading this, don't know if I ever will! Sheesh...

Beth in NC said...

Oh my gosh, this is horrible! I would have wanted to scream. I hate traveling and flying anyway, but that is like a nightmare.

I'm glad you got home safe and sound (though not fair you had to pay when others didn't).

Kristin said...

What a day...I guess the "upside" is that it made for an amusing post...yeah, right? :) said...


(Not you! The travels! OMG!)

American in Norway said...

OK... now that I KNOW you made it home ok... Hoping you got you 890 back.. & NWA... will not be flying them again... Ugh

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