Friday, April 18, 2008

10 Things I LOVE About My Boys...

I thought this one would be a simple blog, it is Friday night and I am anticipating on trying to curl up on the couch and snuggle with a blanket...this usually means I will be asleep by 8:30!

A simple blog in dedication of my 2 boys, do you believe that picture? I just love picnik (! You can do anything to your photos to make them more personal. Check it out if you have not...

Now...we will start the TOP 10:

10. I love the curiousity of everything. How a paper cup can entertain them for hours discovering that it is best used as a measuring cup for toilet water..

9. Whining. I love whining. I know I must be the only mother on the earth but for some reason it makes me laugh..what really posesses them to think they will get something that way???

8. Their fingernail and toenails, I have no idea about girls but I do know that my 2 boys can grow a full set of nails, top and bottom in about 5 days flat. I'm talking french manicure long. Soo strange because to this day, I can't get a nail to come over the top of my finger!

7. Books, I love when they ask me to read to them. I need to do it more.

6. When they fall asleep with their glasses leaves this cute indention on their face!

5. How bout when they just fall asleep! =)

4. Hockey, Baseball and Football jerseys. The only clothes they want to wear right now.

3. Granola bites...if I would have known how many my boys would plow through in a week, I am pretty sure I would have picked up some Quaker stock.....

2. "Mom, tickle my back" I love that! I remember when my mom and dad would tickle my back and arms...I still love that!

1. Snuggling...This is my favorite past time! I grab a boy for each arm (if I include Erik, I have 3 arms) and we plop on the floor and just fall asleep all comfy!!!

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Ding Ding Dorn said...

Might have to steal a top ten idea from you. But for now it is Date night for us. It only took us an hour to decide on a place to dine.