Wednesday, April 30, 2008

You'll Always Be My Baby

Today ended up being a very eventful day. Who would have guessed that a Wednesday would be the busy day of the week? It started with a trip to the Dentist for Mason (yes, his 1st time). I will post the pics from that visit later because as it turns out, I also received Mason's preschool pictures today and they were sooo is OK for me to say that right....If I don't who will? Seriously, if it were not for pictures like this that prove that my son can behave and have a wonderful personality, I would probably forget all together. Unfortunate for me, they had some adorable shots but NOT so adorable prices...if you can believe that they were charging $36.00 for an 8x10 collage....NUTS! Anyhow. This picture also makes me sort of sad, because when I see it, I realize that I no longer have babies...just as Mason likes to argue I AM A BIG BOY, I like to say...You will always be my baby...even when you are 50...still my BIG BOY! We go on and on...good thing Jaxon gets the game...he says "Mom, I can be your baby till Mason understands"....Priceless I tell you!

Enough Bragging.....PEACE OUT!

4 CHEERS from the Crowd!:

Ding Ding Dorn said...

Again...OMGOSH...could he be anymore precious? What a smile. How do you ever get his hair to stay like that for longer than 1 minute? I have tried almost everything on Kolby's hair, and it continues to lay flat. Spill the name of the product you use...and brand. Great shot! Can't wait to see pics of the dentist. Kolby goes next month. They start seeing them at 3 and since he turns 3 next month...he shall go.

Lisa said...

What a darling smile, cute boy. That smile says lots of love and happiness.
I hear you on the baby, it goes too fast doesn't it? I am just hanging on to every moment with Joel-- it went too fast.
Awesome frames, I love lots of color and the creativity---looks great!!!!

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