Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Stairways to Friendship

Well, if this picture is not a sign that summer is on the way, I don't know what is.....After school tonight we caught a really great moment where several of the kiddos from our neighborhood were parked out our deck stairs and they were all just chatting and laughing (who knows what they were talking about) it all seems so innocent.

Isn't it amazing how no matter how old we are friendships are what tie us together? I feel really blessed in my own life to have soo many great friends, that includes my husband and my parents too.

Now, even though we all go through some friendship woes, this blog is a celebration and a Thank-you to all whom I consider my friends....I AM THE LUCKY ONE (although I know most of you would argue that you are the lucky one...right)?

2 CHEERS from the Crowd!:

Scrapadoodle said...

I love myself. Keep bloggin. You are the bomb at this...your stuff is soo true to life....HA!

Ding Ding Dorn said...

Awesome! Look at all those kids in your neighborhood! Holy hairball batman. I wish we had that many decent kids in our hood for the kids to hang out with. They play with...humm...One little girl. Anyhoo...loved the blog, and yes, you are the bomb at this, that is why I wish you would do more:)