Friday, August 8, 2008

"Cone" Man the Barbarian

This might be the 1st time that you have heard me refer to Mason as the "barbarian" however, for as many things as he breaks...he also LOVES to help. This is a side of him that I just adore because he knows how much messes annoy me..(isn't that sweet)? I'm sure that I will pay for therapy later in life when he can't sleep because all he could think about were the crumbs on the floor..oh wait that's me...=(...back to the task at hand.

Yesterday morning he spilled some crackers all over the couch..they were everywhere and before I could say anything he said "Don't worry mommy, I'll get the cone"....I love my cone dust buster. It gets in all the tiny corners that the old ones don' there is a plug for !!!!

He really did clean the mess up himself and another mental note for mommy....don't yell about messes...they are accidents and he is old enough to help clean them up...and PS he LIKES to do it...some days parenting is a breeze right?????

Have a great weekend.....Blog @ you tomorrow!

3 CHEERS from the Crowd!:

Hansell Happenings said...

Can he give Julia and Maria lessons?

Ding Ding Dorn said...

Love the title. He is so cute. I know if that he is just like Kolby, so life is full of messes and broken things. Life happens, & they are only small for a short time. Try & enjoy it! That is what I keep telling myself=)

Sos said...

Too funny. See he is inheriting your cleaning gene.Can you send him over to vacuum my couch?