Thursday, August 28, 2008

Thankful Thursday...For School!!!

A much anticipated event for mom & dad and a much more nerve racking event for Jaxon, but nonetheless and EVENT! Open house at school this year and Jaxon is in 2nd grade...hard to believe. They really do grow up fast. Feels like I just dropped him off at Kindergarten.

His 2nd grade teacher seems really excited and sweet. She is very outgoing and was taking individual time with each student! Jaxon has several students in the same class as last year, so that helps with the comfort level.

I am really trying to squeeze in a couple of fun things...although it has been tough because family is here and we are planning a birthday party for Erik's dad.

So, THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK all the teachers out there for all the hard work that you put forth to teach our children. I know that it is a job that I could NEVER do and would not even begin to question your dedication. I love the school that my son attends and the staff makes it ....AMAZING!!!

3 CHEERS from the Crowd!:

sonya said...

I can't believe you have a kid going into 2nd grade.The weather stinks this week(no swimming)so we've had to adjust our plans.We just got back from Adventure Park and they were BORED!!!That must mean it's time for school and they(and I)are ready.Have a great weekend.

He And Me + 3 said...

Being a Teacher back in the day. I appreciate this post. It is nice when your parents and students appreciate you. I totally appreciate all of my kids teachers. Less than a week until school is back in session! Yee Haw!

Lisa said...

I do love teachers that love their work. School starts on the 2nd over here-- AMEN!