Thursday, August 21, 2008

Thursday Top 10

After a day like the one I had, I sort of started to ponder the going back to school days....although a small piece of me realizes that I did not utilize this Summer to spend as much "Quality" time with the boys as I would have liked, I am grateful for the time that we had and I know that there were some great memories there! So, as I countdown my top 10 today is what makes the mom bus better than the standard mode of school transportation? Or does it at all....

Share your thoughts...I'm open!

10. Don't have the fear that my kid gets put on the wrong bus to Timbuktu.
9. Gas Prices...HA
8. Something cool about drop off and pick up
7. Mom waits in the line....Jaxon talks to friends and keeps me waiting
6. No spit wads
5. No making fun of one of my kids for glasses (we know that happens)
4. Me, standing on the corner in my PJ's and a winter vest...(you know who you are!)
3. Having to be out of the house by 8:15am...that never happens in Summer
2. Lost backpack is a thing of the past....
1. Don't have to buy another Christmas gift....(unless it is to reward myself..)

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He And Me + 3 said...

I hate that gas is so high, but...I totally take my kids to school myself. I freak out when they ride the bus for field trips...ask my kids what I tell them. "Make sure you get a middle seat, do not sit on the aisle." Because you know they cram as many kids in a seat as possible, and they are not suppose to do that. (BTW the safest place on the seat is the middle, tucked in like an egg in a carton) But, on the flip, buses are the safest form of transportation. They are big, easily noticed because of their color, the basically travel the same beaten path day in and day out, and generally drive slow. Who's blog is this? But the thought of not getting ready every morning at the crack of dawn to take them to school does sound inviting. Thanks for the fun blog!

Michelle said...

I have mixed feelings on this one! First my kids take the bus! But, the bus picks up on my corner 2 houses down from my house and I can see them from my porch and the school is not even 5 minutes away....but if the bus was not at my corner and at a different stop, then I would probably be taking them! I have always said how lucky I am to have the bus pick up at my corner and I hope they never change it! Also, my kids want to take the bus...they think it is cool! Go figure! What I'm not cool?!? LOL

Lisa said...

I am pro bus at least for now if nothing changes. Our bus picks the kids up at the corner which I can see clearly from the house and drops them off in front of the house.
The kids know the safety rules of the bus and obey them, I have watched them get on and know they keep a safe distance from the door until the bus stops for them to get on.
I do have some cons--overcrowding and when you play a saxophone it is hard to get a good seat.
Also you have to get them out the door and forsake that extra 20 minutes you get by taking them.