Monday, August 25, 2008

Priority Shift

I'm in need of making some changes in my life.
Overall, I feel blessed to have the life that I live. I am no longer a 20 something searching for selfish things. I am now a 30 something wife...
AND mother of 2 that constantly keep me on my feet
(and sometimes past out on the couch or at the computer...lets be real here)!

Although my family life is great, I am the one that needs a Priority shift. More Family Time!

Starting today, I am learning to say "NO" to some of the wrong things that I have previously felt the need to squeeze in. Now I am saying "Yes" to more of the right things.

I'm sure all 8 of you that read this would agree.

I am making a priority shift for real. Starting with Mamma.

Here's the quote that got me all started:

Busy, aren’t you? Thank God you took the time to come to church. I’m sure the needs and responsibilities of your life are immense. Do your job well. Pay attention to your spouse. Care for your children. Pay your taxes. Make ends meet. Find time for some fun and rest. Don’t disappoint anyone. Make sure you measure up. Whew! No wonder you’re busy. The demands of life are, well, demanding.

I am all ears, open to suggestions and ideas....

4 CHEERS from the Crowd!:

Sos said...

Great post! Talk about perfect timing.I just received an invite to a CABI party from a mom I barely know at school.I used to feel like I had to go to every party I was invited to(where you had to purchase something or just a social party)or it would reflect poorly on me. Now I've learned to say no to umimportant things and not feel guilty.Our time is valuable. Give me a nice dinner with good friends,a fun activity with my family or time by myself with a good book.Just read a book on this very topic this summer.Take care and thanks for reading my essay!!

He And Me + 3 said...

I have none at the present, but I am trying to find time to read the book "Taking care of the me in Mommy" I will let you know some suggestions from that. It is just a small shift that makes the biggest difference. Like making those boring errands fun for the kids. I think that is why yesterday went so smooth for me. PTL! You will do it...anything I can do you can do better! LOL

Michelle said...

I don't know if anyone else feels this way but when I'm good, everyone else in my family seems good! I guess what I am saying when I feel ok inside, then it reflects on everyone else, but when I feel crazy, everyone else is too! LOL

Lisa said...

Sometimes I feel I have too many irons in the fire, no all the time I feel that way. Finances, children, house cleaning, children, meal time, getting everyone where they need to be, children, work. I try to take one day at time and what does not happen today will have a chance tomorrow. I think relationships should take priority but the "self" needs time too. You seem to have it all together from where I see it, don't be too hard on yourself. I am guilty of that and it makes me feel real crappy at times so I have to give myself a pep talk instead of a lecture.