Friday, August 22, 2008

Our Day Up North

Just when I thought that Mason had no more firsts to accomplish, here he goes getting stung by his 1st bee! I felt so bad for him and I am sure that most of you can attest...that really stings!!
He has never had that feeling and it took him a sort of long time to recover...
(we are talking lots of hugs and ice cream here)!
We started out our day up north playing a little football in Nanna and Poppi's front yard. Then, the boys let me snap a couple of pics of them walking together in the field...Then we headed over to Mark's cabin (maybe partially ours soon)? We took a rather cool dip into the water and the boys let me snap again!
We topped it all off with a bonfire hot dogs, chips and smores...


PS...this NEW collage is courtesy of Picnik...if you become a premium get this for free! I am loving it!

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He And Me + 3 said...

I saw that collage thing last night when I was editing my pics. Awesome! Love it! Maybe they will let their free people try it before we buy it. LOL! Sounds like an awesome day! The picture of Jaxon and Mason sure makes Jaxon look so tall! Nice job & smores? Yum!