Sunday, November 9, 2008

Bloggy Tag...The stuff blogs are made of...

Well my good friend Debra has tagged me, and in response to this tagging, I am required to tell you 15 random things about myself. So, as this is every bloggers dream, I am going to selfishly indulge in things that just may bore you to death...but here I go:

15. I have a knack for things, now this does not mean that I am good at everything (just ask my hubby) but one of my blessings is that I pick up on things quickly.

14. I love the smell of my children's necks...that may seem weird but they smell so sweet and I just love to give um a good sniff...(if you stop following my blog I will understand..=)

13. I am horrible at math. Really I need a calculator on my cell phone bad...

12. My husband and I joke more frequently than we are is how we both deal !!!

11. I could really use a good eyebrow wax right now....little out of control.

10. I never attended college. 2 days in Nursing school and I bolted. Afraid, I would mess up the math!!!

9. I have a horrible "Jelly Bean Dress" picture... I will have to tell you more about that later!

8. I am on the yearbook committee at school and that was my first publish photography work!

7. I would really like a Tummy Tuck someday. Seriously, if any of you are me.

6. I am doing the AWAKEN study at church and I have read my Bible for every day and I am on day 27.

5. I secretly want to be a recording artist. I have written about 15 songs but, I am not sure where to begin with that.

4. I am obsessed with the Cricut machine. It is amazing and I scrapbook, label and just do plainsilly stuff on it!

3. I have never had a regular cleaning lady. I would really like one, but I am too picky.

2. I love to experiment in the kitchen, with all kinds of recipes. I also doctor almost everything.

1. I love Jesus, and all the relationships via blogging that he has given me. My faith has grown immensely.

Now that all of you are snoring....WAKE UP...Hop over to one of these other blogs because, I am tagging:

Lisa @ Lisa Luvs Life

Elaine @ Matters of the Heart

Kameron @ A Wrinkle in Time

Alright ladies...time for me to get to know you more...get cracking!!!

11 CHEERS from the Crowd!:

Kameron said...

Thanks for tagging me. I will definitely do this tomorrow when I'm more coherent! I was the editor of my yearbook too! Yeah, the dentis experience was a trip. i am greatful that I didn't have that same experience again!

He And Me + 3 said...

I did my tag just a few minutes ago too. I am off to bed. Yours were great! Really, you wrote some songs?

Elaine said...

Here we go... I am going to tap out my post as soon as I leave here. Your's were great. Thanks for sharing the love...

Davisix said...

Would love to hear your songs. :) Great list! And congrats on the award.

McCrakensx4 said...

Good list! I got tagged too, but need MiMi's help to post it so I will wait until this afternoon to post! Have a great day

Debra said...


You truly make me smile :)
And there is nothing like the smell of a child's neck...nothing...I'm in complete agreement with you there!

Thanks for playing along on this one, Happy Sunday to you, my friend.

Mc Allen said...

WHAT, snoreing???... Your answers were great!!! A few were really cute... Very insightful, and I like to sniff my kids necks too (I've never admitted that to ANYONE, actually I dodnt even think I've never thought much about it!! ;) Great Job!! LA

Named Alicia said...

I love these posts! Great list! I do not not have a knack for everything. I have some things I'm really good at. And some things I can't figure out for the life of me. Oh well, that's life.

Have a great week, my friend!

Baseballs and Tutu's said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! If that surgeon contacts you give him my name too :)

I'm follwing now also!

The White Family said...

those were great!

Tabitha Blue said...

Hi there, Spider Betsy!! LOL This was great. #14-Hilarious.... never noticed the smell of my girls neck... always go for the hair :)

#6- awesome, good job!

#5-go for it, that's great. Keep writing!

Oh, and I heard it was snowing back home in Michigan today too... but not cold enough to stick yet. Don't worry, I'll be out to Minneapolis when it's really cold :)