Sunday, November 30, 2008

Sunday Sermon...+ Book Reading Award!

Thanks to my cousin MiMi @ He & Me + 3, I have been tagged with a lovely book worm award. The rules that go along with this award are to grab the book closest to you and turn to page 56. Go down to line 5 and write a few blurbs. So, here it goes:

To compensate for his insecurity-and his feeling of being watched-a man may feel the need work long hours. Or he may get emotionally worn down by the constant need to always look "on the ball". One thing is for certain: The idea of someone thinking that he can't cut it is humiliating-a feeling that every man wants to avoid at all costs. So he puts up a good front so others will perceive him as highly competent.

This is an excerpt from the book: for women only
(what you need to know about the inner lives of men) by shaunti feldhahn

What an amazing book. She really goes through some seriously interesting polls of mens thoughts, what they struggle with and how as women we can be better wives. Now, I am with a group of ladies doing this study and of course there are exceptions to every rule but by and large..this is the way that men operate. I'm not sure about you guys but I know that God has his hand on my marriage and even though we are not perfect, we strive to have a marriage that is something that our children will look up to and have something to base love on.

Now, just so you ladies don't feel left out- this can be a couples gift! There is also a book for the really discusses a lot about how women view romance, children and love. Another page turner and super easy to read!

Now onto the FUN part of this award: I am tagging 5 people to do the same thing:
1. Kameron @ A Wrinkle in Time

2. Jenny@ Hansell Happenings

3. Elaine @ Matters of the Heart

4. Sonya @ Just Me and My Happy Life
5. Natalie @ Married to The Preacher

Enjoy your weekend! Till tomorrow..=)

Saturday, November 29, 2008


I took a much needed Blog vacation day yesterday, so I will be catching up on all my comments today and tomorrow!

I am an AVID Black Friday shopper, I don't do friend shopping days (although that sounds fun) I am on a mission, I get what I came for politely but lets just say that I can not say that I have not given a push or a shove once or twice...OK, maybe you saw me on the news..but that is saved for a NOT ME!!!

So, here is my Then Sings My Soul Saturday selection...

I just LOVE this song at Christmas...and all year for that matter. This is the 2nd time I have listed it on TSMSS....if you are looking for more really great songs, Please visit Amy.

Have a blessed day!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thanksgiving Blessings....A little Late!!!

I hope that everyone has enjoyed their Thanksgiving today. I am posting rather late because it has been a day of "un-relaxation" with my mom and I in the kitchen all day! Lets just say that dinner went off just fine and now I am on to the more sentimental side of Thanksgiving....

Today I am so truly thankful for so many things.I have been blessed in so many ways.
For my creator who still sees hope in me, even when I am doubtful.
I am thankful for the wonderful country I live in, and for all its many heroes.
I am thankful for my wonderful husband, children, family and friends.
They are my greatest blessings.
I am thankful for all the people and creatures that are put on earth for us all.
They teach us so much, unconditional love, loyalty, and understanding.
I ask that all who suffer with illness have this day free from pain.
I am thankful for all who have tables filled with food and someone to share it with.
And for those that have no family or food, Lord, I ask that You comfort them.
I am thankful for the time I had with my loved ones that have gone on to be with You.
They shall always be loved and greatly missed.
I am thankful for allowing me to have love, compassion, understanding,
and forgiveness in my heart.
It is these many blessings that make my humble life happy and fulfilled.

I always remember a particular bible verse on Thanksgiving. It is Psalm 107:1

"Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good; his love endures forever."
May you be Thankful not only on this day but for all the rest to come!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Wordless Wednesday - My Little Elves

Technology Tidbit - Count your load time...

Most of us are getting pretty good at this blogging thing. Have you ever hopped onto a blog

and the background does not load? Or it takes one picture in particular a really long time to get up there? Well, Stopwatch was designed to let you know how long items are taking on your page.

You would Hate to see people leaving your site because things are not loading quickly correct....

So, check it out and then make the adjustments to your blog so that all of your "STALKERS" get the best experience possible!

PS..the typical blog takes about 20-25 seconds to load. If your is taking twice that you may want to make some adjustments!!!

Happy Blogging!


Tip Jar Tuesday...Thanksgiving Turkey

Have you ever had a Turkey that is less than juicy? Well, I was burned on this until I called the Butterball hotline and instantly my "Turkey Saviour" answered the phone....

Jamiere told me that to keep the Turkey at it juiciest, you should slit the turkey 3 times,

One on the top and one on each side.....what do you put in there you ask.....Sticks of BUTTER!!! Yes, I said it...3 sticks of butter.

Now, I realize that some of you may think that I am NUTS for sharing this tip but lets just say that the Turkey is always delish....and that is a tip you can sink your teeth into!


Monday, November 24, 2008

Not Me Monday

I'm just planning on having a relaxing Sunday away from all things BLOG and lo and behold this NOT ME MONDAY is haunting me...I just can't stop. I wrote things down in the beginning of the week and then again yesterday because I am a nut case. The only hope I have is that the rest of you are doing just as funny and insanly strange things yourself, and I can't wait to start reading!!!

1. I did NOT put my car keys in the refrigerator while unloading groceries.....(que the Alheimers commercial). What am I thinking? Luckily this was my converstation about it:
Mason: "Mom, do keys go in the refrigerator?"
Me: "Nope..."
Mason: "Mom, your silly."
Me: "Yep, thats your silly mommy, I just wanted you to play hide and seek with my keys!"
Mason: "Well, I found them!"
But whatever...that was not me was my expensive robot replica....=)

2. I did NOT accidentally call a woman customer that I was helping at Best Buy a man. I mean he/she totally did not look like a man...HA HA...this woman could have been a Pat or a Chris if you get my drift. I mean, honestly, it was a simple mistake. Trust Me!

3. I did not look at my son's teacher strangely when she mentioned that I was ratted out for not reading to my son for 30 minutes per night. Luckily, it is not showing up in testing scores however...let's just say that I may cut down on blogging to allow for ample reading time!

Keeping it sweet and simple this week...

Can't wait to read everyone else's not me's!
Have a great week!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

TSMSS - Awaken

Oh yeah...another installment of Then Sings My Soul Saturdays! For more TSMSS please visit Amy and get worshipping!

This song has been the theme song at church for the last 4 weeks and thanks to Kate for burning this song onto a CD for me because I am loving it!

Hope you all are "Awakening". The song is by Switchfoot....another good one!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Friday Funny -

This one was just too good to pass up. I love these little funnies and especially since most of the gals on my blog are old married ladies like myself, I think we can appreciate how hard it is to be out there in the dating world!!!

So, to all you gentleman who are married to us did not lower your standards and most of us had not even heard of a computer for dating purposes...just think how times have changed......

Check out Kim for more Friday Funnies!!!

Till tomorrow...

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Wacky Wednesday Photo Session....

Another little photo session that I just completed...Let's just say that my next door neighbor has her hands full! Her kids are adorable but all 3 are busy and the photo shoot shows you a little taste of what she works with every day...(not to mention my 2 boys just pounding on the door to play with the girls)! I actually love the playful stuff that they did! Mom may want a do-over, and if so...I am game!

Thanks for allowing me to shoot a couple shots....

Wordless Wednesday...Cute-ility??? Or No?

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Toot my own horn Tuesday....

So, many of you know that I am trying to build a portfolio to take some photography classes, so in an effort to offset the cost (yes I am cheap), I asked a couple of friends and some innocent bi-standards if I could take a crack at their families.

Here is one of the gals that I have met through my small group. This family is amazing and adorable!!! I had so much fun just following them around and snapping them.

She is going to get her CD tomorrow, but here is a sneek peek at a couple of my favorites.

Hope they like them as much as I did!!!

Thanks again!

Tuesday Technology Tidbit - Tuesday Tip Jar

Today technology tidbit is 2 fold with the Tuesday Tip Jar.
Please join BlogMomma's if you are interested in seeing more Tip Jars.

Here is a great little site that makes sense for Shop-A-Holics!!! The website is for the
Black Friday ads. Want to know what is on sale at Target, Best Buy, Circuit City, Sports Authority, Kohl's, Wal-Mart? Check out the website. Seriously!!!
Plan out your route ahead of time!

Plus, as an added bonus you can enter to win really great gift cards and other fun prizes.
So, if you have not checked out the site...Get'R Done!!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Not Me Monday...

So here we go again...the blogging worlds idea to free therapy! The best part, none of us are judged (unless you count the uncontrollable laughter in the background)!
1. I did NOT clean the toilet this week with my face washcloth. WHAT? Yes, you heard me correctly. Why on earth would someone do that...I have a favorite wash cloth and I think I was in a phone coma when I DID NOT wipe around and inside the bowl..(and just in case you were wondering, it was thrown out..) YUCK!
2. My son did NOT stay home from school on Friday with a case of pink eye and the 1st thing I did NOT think was OMGosh did he wipe his face with the toilet wash cloth? He could not have, I threw that away! It was some other disgusting child who brings home germs like that, for sure it was NOT his mother...
3. Oh, which brings me to the other fun thing that I did not do....mixed up the eye drops with ear drops...who can't read? Certainly not mom. I check, double check and then still put the wrong drops in my kids eye...Its OK, poison control is on speed dial and it was no biggie (unless you ask my 7 yr old) =)
4. While up at the cabin, I did NOT realize that I had left a load of bread up there for a good month. Then when I realized it, I noticed there was no mold and I did NOT think to myself...start making your own bread. What kind of bread does not go bad in a month? Not Mine.
5. I did NOT opt to blog this week over several more important things like remembering my children and hubby's name. Even though I told myself I would NOT get re-addicted.... Anyone interested in my new blog??...BLOGAHOLICS ANONYMOUS. Nope not me.
6. Lastly, It was NOT ME who accidentally put the wrong kind of gas in my car at the gas station. Luckily, I noticed this right away and did not make a difference. That is of course unless you are counting all the jumping and screaming that I was doing on the GAS CAM. I am sure that I should NOT be embarrassed about that one at all...It wasn't me anyways....
Exactly what did you NOT do this week? Check out MCKMama's Blog to get the skinny on everyone else!!!
Toodles -

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Sermon Sunday....Team Hoyt!!!

Here is my latest installment on Sermon Sunday. I started this based on my dad preaching a sermon every Sunday and since we all know that I can not preach (thank goodness), my blog is the next best thing.

You have to watch this video. So inspirational, and makes you realize just HOW GREAT our lives are!!! Honestly, Why do I complain about anything? This mans love for his son is just like Gods love for us! I see Dad Hoyt swimming and pulling his son's raft and I think to myself, that is what God does for me everyday....Pulls me along.

Amazing story...and PS, grab a Kleenex box!!!

Saturday, November 15, 2008


I just never get tired of this song!!!
For more TSMSS - Please visit Amy.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Friday Funnies - Had to POST IT

Could this be any funnier for a BLOGGER or a POST IT?
I think not. I mean this is just my idea of funny!!!

I hope that everyone is having a great Friday.
Please visit Kim to get more laughs!!!

Thankful Thursday - Life

I'm really sorry for the post issue. I am quite sure how I got signed up for today's post (computer elf?) However, I am listed to participate so here is my late posting.
This weeks topic is Life. This is a topic that is hitting home this week. My son's little buddy that lived across the street just moved today to Baltimore Maryland.
Mason (my son) is 4 and Trevyn is 3. These guys were sometimes like oil and water but age 3 and 4 what could we expect?
They spent so much time playing baseball, hockey, and kickball in the backyard. Not to mention torturing Trevyn's little sister Emma.

We have been gearing up for this move for several weeks now by reading books about buddies moving and having pen pals however, I don't really think it has sunk in....until just a few minutes ago.Mason has been asking if he can go see Bosco (the dog). I said Bosco moved with Trevyn and Emma and he erupted into an insane amount of tears (we are talking I just fell down the stairs...or I have a concussion kind of crying).

So, apparently this little LIFE lesson is one that I was NOT hoping to cross with my children, but since my neighbors really didn't ask if it was OK with me or my family if they move (how dare they =) we are forced to address the issue!!!

I'm just about to buy a puppy to get him to stop crying. In an effort to remember what these guys loved to do, I am posting a couple of pictures of them, along with a little "LIFE" nugget that I love...."Don't cry because it's over; smile because it happened!

We will miss all of you!!! But that is Life!
For more Thankful Thursdays...please visit Grace Alone!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Wordless Wednesday..Boo Boo