Thursday, September 4, 2008

Andover Attack

We had a busy day yesterday with the Orientation for big boy preschool as Mason calls it. He met his new teacher and she seems very nice. I am excited for him to start also!

On the flip side, we had one of those nights after school that I almost forgot about...the running around trying to cram food in your kids face while they shove off to the next sport...this time Jaxon is signed up for Flag Football....and yes, we have Mason signed up for swimming! Finally he can start to participate in something that he loves also. He just runs around like a mad man while Jaxon plays...I feel bad sometimes because he is SOO Bored.....His turn will come soon enough. Not like we have not tried, soccer and tball have been a waste of money thus far! I got some great shots of the boys on the field...I am really into the grass this year. It is gorgeous everywhere we go, so I am constantly trying to get the boys to lay in it and take some pics....Mason was taking a rest for my favorite one of the day! Have a great Thursday!

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He And Me + 3 said...

So cute, and yes...your grass is so green. Lucky you! Ours is brown and yellow. Fall colors already! Yum!