Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Tuesday Top 10....

Top 10 things that I love about fall......

10. Walks with Jeans and a sweatshirt....no jacket, just crisp cool air
9. Bonfires...I love them, have them all the time at home with Smores
8. I love puffy vests...really I do, I own far to many in insane colors
7. The crunch of the leaves when they fall
6. The apple orchard or pumpkin patch...my kids love them
5. Hayrides...so peaceful and exciting
4. Sunday afternoons with the fireplace on, snuggled on the couch with Football on.....(NAP TIME)
3. Getting back into the swing of things after an eventful summer
2. Layering...I love A short sleeve T with a T under neath and a vest...just a really great look!
1.....Caramel Apples..I love them, can't live with out them...make them with the kids LOVE THEM!

So today I got the itch (again, thanks to my cousin) to finally go get some pics of the boys outside in some fall gear...could not have been a better day, sun shining, gorgeous clouds and the boys behaved really well (Yeah).

Here are some shots of what I took today....not to shabby if I say so myself....whoops, is this Toot my own horn Tuesday or is it Top 10.....I guess you will decide!

3 CHEERS from the Crowd!:

Hansell Happenings said...

Toot away lady! Soooo cute! Do you want to do my kids too? I am not joking. I am being serious. I'll buy you a bazillion dollar beverage at a not so local Starbucks. Did I tell you that I am buying a new camera? We can chat about that later. Anyways, I'll stop leaving a huge long novel here for you since I talk to you everyday, but, AWESOME PICTURES!!

He And Me + 3 said...

Nicely Done! I so love that collage thingy. That is an awesome feature! Bravo & Toot Toot! BTW...Colors are popping in those pics.

Lisa said...

Great pictures, I love all the same things about Fall, except getting the yearly cold which I think I have a head start on : (
Nice colorful blog, I love stopping by.