Friday, September 19, 2008

Friday - Top 20

I have not been asked this in a while and since I am digging around looking for something to blog, I will take on this blog tag and complete the quiz...My top 20 things that I love right now....

1. Starbucks - The dinosaur drink by now but still "Grande, Non-fat, No-whip, Iced, White Chocolate Mocha
2. Church - Eagle Brook that is....helping to develop me into the person that I need to be and God wants me to be.
3.Ebay - Can't seem to get enough of the selling...I love getting rid of old things and making money...watching my paypal balance grow.
4. My family - I love Erik, Jaxon and Mason and putting them after Ebay...HA, it is really the other way around!!!
5. The Shack - A book I just finished that was sooo unbelievable....
6. Photography - Still learning the ropes but I could see myself getting hooked for good...And saving some serious $$$ along the way
7. MiMi...I just can't get enough. She has always been great but we are closer than ever....
8. Flag to watch Jaxon learn the rules...he soakes it up like a sponge
9. Nikon - I love Nikon...they are so great..customer support, I could chat with them for hours....
10. favorite season, sweaters, smores, pumpkins what else could I ask for?
11. Turtle Lake - I am not sure how they continue to do it, but I love this school....they are awesome!
12. Smoked Cheddar Cheese - It is amazing...if you have never tried it, pick some up at Target or Lunds and due yourself a favor...
13. Facebook - Obvious Reasons but I am soo in love with this!
14. blog....dah you are reading it...
15. Scrapbooking....I am caught up which always feels good
16. My parents...since my dad's health issues, I am not taking them for granted in the slightest!
17. Rocket Dog shoes...could they be any cuter and comfy???
18. My trusty old Coach purse...can't seem to part with it...and that is a good thing right?
19. All of my girlfriends.....SHOUT OUT TO THE LZADIES =)
20. My job....could not ask for a better job as a is great and I am thankful for it every day....

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Sos said...

Yea!!!!Someone participated!! Pass it along!Ditto on the Grande non fat no whip white mocha.Why did all our Starbucks close??? Yes,I'm still up, just left a crop, got 11 pages done and I'm wired. I was the first one to leave too. I took some pics of the kids when they were here today, will post this weekend. They were having fun.Enjoy the sunshine!

Donna Blessed Nest said...

we have a lot in common....I'm reading the Shack..amazing book!

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