Saturday, September 6, 2008

OK...So I am copying again!!!

Got this idea from my cousin and I have really been into the Christian music lately. Not allowing my kids to listen to any of the other crap on the radio is really paying off with Mason clapping his hand and saying "You are Holy", " You are mighty", and I will love you all of my pretty inspiring!

So, even though this band is not Christian per say....The story behind these words makes me realize that we all have numbers and no one can see them except God. The words to this song are so powerful "Say it to me if its worth saving me." Essentially saying stop being chicken about your faith and share it. It is NOT a secret! You have to watch the whole video to understand the concept but it still gives me chills....and I love his voice! Enjoy!

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Amy Wyatt said...

What a cool video. The end was so powerful! Thanks for sharing. He did have a cool voice. Hope you will join us again next week.