Monday, September 29, 2008

Spelling Test Challenge

So before the school year even began, Erik decided to offer a
Spelling Test Challenge to Jaxon for the whole school year.
Little did we know at the time the challenge that mom and dad were up for as well here was the deal:

Jaxon could not miss (1) word on his spelling tests the whole year...not one...and he would receive a $100.00 amount to spend on what he wishes...
(well you know the drill it is actually $10.00 for God, $10.00 for savings and $80.00 to spend on what he wishes but who is counting except him)?
Three weeks in to the spelling tests and we are dealing with words like obedience, thoroughly, imitation, maneuvers, manners, relatives....these are some really tough words for 2nd grade don't you think? I guess what do I know..I am still new to this!
We are at 100% right now thanks to dad practicing at night and mom practicing on the car rides to school in the morning! We had 1 hiccup where Jaxon used a capital letter instead of lowercase however the word was spelled right so dads agreement still stands(and Jaxon has more of me in him than I care to admit with his arguing tactics)!
Till tomorrow~

5 CHEERS from the Crowd!:

He And Me + 3 said...

Way to go Jaxon! Those are hard words. Even harder than Halee's third grade words so far. That is awesome! Keep up the hard work.
Study to show thyself approved!

Sos said...

Those are 2nd grade spelling words??I'm getting nervous for next year.Way to go Jaxon!

Melyssa said...

Isn't it just amazing the words they have them learn. We have some doozies in 5th grade - words I don't think they will ever actually use in life unless they become a career game show contestants. LOL! Keep it up Jaxon!

Lisa said...

Great job Jaxon, keep it up spelling is so important and your pendmenship is awesome.
uh oh! did I spell pendmenship right???? anyway, your writing is beautiful.

Debra said...


That's so awesome! How wonderful that you are working so diligently with him. I love the way you spell his name - Jaxon - that's very unique!

My nephew is in the 3rd grade too and yes, the words are definitely harder! But, way to go Jaxon!

Blessings to you today sweet sister!