Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Tuesday Top 10....Killer Bees

Well, it is official. I am a league volleyball player
(and when I say player, I really mean error inducing ball handler).
We played our first two games tonight with a lot of really close matches
but ending up with a goose egg...
next week right!
I have never experienced "team" very much.
I was in track and cheer leading in high school but that has been a few years.
I really felt like we were connecting really well with the ball and with each other.
So, tonight's top ten list is (insert drum roll)......
The Top 10 Things that I love about Volleyball

10. The fact that our team showed up in all bright yellow...(the only ones I might add with matching uniforms)!
9. The constant sound of our bodies thwacking in the sand.....it was nauseating.
8. The whistle....were they blowing that for us or no????
7. The 1st ref not even telling us rules, and the 2nd being pretty hard core...(for the bronze league).
6. Ambi playing paper, rock, scissors as the captain...really, no coin toss!
5.Wetting your pants you are laughing so hard....
(This is NOT a joke....not a lot of bladder control in this league apparently).
4. How many times can Tarah serve it...yeah baby!!! I think the streak was 5 or 6.....
3. Missy and Rachel trying to kick the ball...which is legal but still weird nonetheless.
2.The new name that we called ourselves...the killer bees....the sting hurts!
1. Me being hit in the head with the ball...not once but twice against the same team....
they thought it was humorous.

Thanks ladies, that was a great time. Can't wait till next week....Oh, yeah. I will be a work. Bummer!
PS, I know that I look like I have no hair, but I pulled it back to keep from coming out. Note to self, do NOT do that again...not very attractive.

4 CHEERS from the Crowd!:

He And Me + 3 said...

Awesome team picture. 1 to treasure forever. Go Killer Bees! Sounds like fun. My first volleyball game ever, I bent over & the ball hit off my back & my teammate bumped it over the net & we got the point. Yeah me for fearing the ball...have improved much since then.

Sos said...

Looks like you all had a great time. I like the team name-very cute.

Lisa said...

nice looking team, love the name. Great way to get some fun exercise.

91-Missy said...

I love the picture, I need a copy!!! Last Tuesday was fun, we will miss you this Tuesday.

P.S. I think your hair looks cute in the picture