Sunday, September 21, 2008

Severs Sunday

After 2 weekends of not being able to do anything fun ( 1 because of weather, 1 because of work), I decided that while Erik was working today that I would take the boys to Severs Corn Maze. The boys had a blast...they LOVE LOVE LOVE the corn pool that they is soo therapeutic!

I took tons of pictures of Mason today. Jaxon is getting to be older and is not as cooperative if you can believe it! Mason just seems to be more natural in front of the lens...not only that but Jaxon is in all sorts of sports and Mason is not right now because of his brothers schedule, so sometimes I feel like when we do something it needs to be more about Mason!

He ordered up Mini Donuts for a snack, went down the Big Slide, and played in the Corn pool. If you have not gone, you need to check out Severs Corn Maze.

You will not be disappointed...and in lieu of the election the corn maze is Election themed!!!

3 CHEERS from the Crowd!:

He And Me + 3 said...

I am loving the collage, because now you can share your whole day & only take up one space. I really need to upgrade! What fun! Good for you taking them alone. Brave too! We have one past Monroe...we really need to get there this year. Rick may have to work Halloween night. The kids are soooo bummmed.

Lisa said...

OmGosh, I would love to roll around in the corn with my kids how fun that looks. Thanks for the idea, I will have to talk with Mimi so we can go to the one in Monroe--I work there shouldn't be hard to find. Wonderful blogging Tarah, love the color. Also, I am praying for your Dad keep me posted.

Lisa Slotsve said...

LOVE this! You make me want to head down there with my kiddos! Serious mom points for this outing. Love the college also - sweet work my friend!