Friday, September 12, 2008


After the week that we have had keeping up with school and sports and work
(and a stolen carseat..don't ask), we just needed some down time.

We were slotted to head out and visit my cousin and her family in Lakeville but her little girl came down with a double ear infection (poor thing)...
so plans were canceled and it was just what this family ordered.
A night of nothing but fun Fenn style.

Here is a pic that I shot the other day during our photo shoot....
I just love how Mason is trying his hardest to get that ball to stand up so he can kick it
(yes, after I shot the picture I went to help him)!

Hopefully our Fall will have many more Fridays like this one....
Family, Food, Football, Fantastic my Friday is done....
(is it too late to add face book to the stack of f's)?

Much Love-

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He And Me + 3 said...

Love the picture...I told you that was my favorite, and with that border...Touch Down! Awesome capture my cousin! Glad you had some family down time...maybe we will get that today, but I doubt it. Missing the down days of summer already!