Friday, September 26, 2008

Flash Back Friday - Moving Out

It was in March 1995 and I had a job with Best Buy. I was working in a suburb of Detroit, and I was offered a position in Ohio to become a Supervisor with a brand new store.

I had a small apartment in Strongsville, Ohio. Remember how simple life was then? If, I could go back to that girl I would tell her to make sure to slow down. Don't get so caught up in "the life" (whatever that is).
I moved out and I have not been back since. I have to say that is a pleasing feeling not to have to beg my parents to take me back in...
I'm guessing that this is what I looked like around that time:

Has anyone had enough of this picture yet?
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6 CHEERS from the Crowd!:

BlogMom said...

Hi Tarah! So glad you joined in! You know, you kinda do look like Natalie Maines!

Happy Friday!

He And Me + 3 said...

Love the picture...where is the jelly bean dress? i think that was around the same time too! LOL I kill me!
Was it a one bedroom apartment?

Eyelashes & Endzones said...

It was a 2 bedroom apartment with...Da da da dun.........Erik.

Debra said...


This post was just too precious for words!! I went over to check on my friend Steph and saw your comment and was so blessed I came over to see you!! Isn't that how God works!!

I'm loving ya! Have a happy Friday and blessings to you!!

Sos said...

I love the pic-bad decade for hair. Time flies that's for sure. Did you ever imagine you'd end up in Minnesota?? Liked your previous post too(about friendship).Is it easy to add the playlist? Been wanting to do that. Have a great summery weekend!

Lisa said...

loved my first apartment too, then came the husband and the kids--have not been alone
can't understand these young people with so much stress and they don't even have kids.