Thursday, July 10, 2008

10 Sign's You Need a Mom-Over......

Today I saw something that I honestly see way too much of....Mom Pants!!!

You know the ones that I am talking in an effort to get all of us girls on the Fashion Forward page here is a top 10 along with sweet little site that I found to help us out...
(of course it means we have to shop...BUMMER!)

10. Your dressy outfit is a "Nike Running" suit.
9. You roll out of bed and are dressed for the day.....hmmm I have been there before!
8. Your dressy shoes are Sketchers.
7. Your swimsuit looks more like a gown
6. You buy your clothing at the same place you buy your Toilet Paper.... =)
5. You wipe your hands on your clothing instead of drying them....(I've done that for years)
4. Your bra is as supportive as a piece of scotch tape.
3. Your handbag is a eco-friendly bag from Target
2. Your requirements for a quality piece are wrinkle resistant!
1. Your jeans are touching the "girls" and they are not the trendy high waisted brand!

Here is the great news...I found this site today on another blog:
You can select which brand names you mostly purchase and it send you an email when they are on sale and in your size......even does it for kids clothes....GOTTA LOVE IT!
Oh, and by the have to check out this great blog....she is the inspiration behind the list today.....wink wink (I love to copy great ideas!)

8 CHEERS from the Crowd!:

lastylistmom said...


Just saw your address on my comments. Do me a favor? If you're going to rip me off? At least give me the props by posting a link to my site.


Scrapadoodle said...


Props where props are due....I have added my comment with Kudos to you! I love your site and you are book marked!

Thanks for the great idea!

lastylistmom said...

Happy to hear you like site, but lending an idea and copying some one else's post almost verbatim, are not the same thing. As far as props go, the cool thing to do would be to include my link IN the post, not just a bookmark and a blogroll addition. I clicked on your address since I'm always happy to support other blogs like mine, but not the ones that are ripping me off.


Scrapadoodle said...

I did post your link in the blog not just on the blogroll.

I have plenty of people who copy my ideas guess I think nothing of it. Where I come from our small group of girlfriends does this all the time. Sorry if I offended you.

PS. My blog is NOT the same caliber as yours. I am a SAHM in Minnesota. And as you can see from by blog counter today there are about 10 people per day on my site.

Yolanda "Little" Fenn said...


Lisa said...

I totally got the jist of your blog and thought you gave credit where credit was do. Nice....

Michelle said...

Are you people serious?!?! Do you get paid to blog?! Who the?!?! cares who is copying who? I love to read the blogs! I think lastylistmom needs to care about a little more important things!

Ding Ding Dorn said...

Holy Crap! I didn't know blogging was so serious. I consider it a compliment when someone wants to borrow my ideas...Every idea has been copied from somewhere else anyways. If you want an idea to be yours only...copyright it.