Thursday, July 3, 2008


OK, so most of you that check out my blog have been expressing some concerns that I was stolen or hijacked since I have not been bloggin much in the past couple of weeks. I am finally taking some much needed bloggin time and downloading all of my pictures...please say a prayer for my computer because it is smoking and on overload from all the pictures =).

This picture was at our Anniversary dinner at a Restaurant called Porcao. It is a Brazilian steak house where you literally have to hand them a STOP card to get them to quit bringing you food....=) Quite possibly my favorite place on earth! A gorgeous view of the water, and my hubby of 10 years!

We took a really great cruise called the "Thriller" it took us around all of Miami in a boat and we stopped at some sights that most people would not normally get to see like...P Diddy, Puff Daddy, Sean Combs...ahh whatever he is called these days! Pretty nice pad......I guess =)

This was a really interesting story....Erik and I watch CSI Miami but we did not seriously think they existed like this...well they do! We were in South Beach and 8 cops pull up to this hotel along with an ambulance and a fire truck....we had no idea what happened till the next morning but it turns out that some model jumped out of her 9th floor hotel room as a suicide. Absolutely horrible however, I took a moment to photograph the CSI I a tourist or what?

This is a long blog so I will stop for this evening, just check back, I could do this trip for days on end!

2 CHEERS from the Crowd!:

Ding Ding Dorn said...

Thank God you are all right. I am a little mad at you for bignoring me, but as long as you had fun...all is good. Nice pictures. You look fabulous! That shirt is very trimming...Erik looks a little nervous, like it is your first date or something. LOL Maybe he knew you were going to blog this shot. Glad you are back in the bloggin have been missed.

Lisa said...

Awesome shot of the CSI van that in my favorite show, so nice for you to have a 10 year anniversay vacation. Maybe someday Tito and I will go when Joel is 20??? LOL... You look marvelous both of you, Congrats on the anniversary.