Thursday, July 17, 2008

Dads Do It Differently

I am back from Vegas and I need to be more grateful for all that my husband has done while I have been gone.

Does anyone else have this problem where you seem to only point out the negative things sometimes? How do you break away from it. It is really hard for me to just be nice sometimes. My sarcasm comes in and just ruins the day.

While it is apparent that Dads do things differently, it is NOT wrong and I have to keep telling myself that men and women take care of children differently.

I am open to feedback and comments on this one because I could really use some new tips to help me keep it at the forefront of my mind....

PS...Thanks to MiMi for allowing me to steal a magazine cover for free just like she did.....

Erik deserves to be on the cover of this mag after 4 days with the boys!!! =)

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Ding Ding Dorn said...

Stop and think before you is so hard to do. I have really made that effort with the kids this week, and wow...the whole tone of the house has changed. I believe that we are the tone setters, since we are with the kids so much. Can make or break us sometimes. Call when you need to vent or chat. Let's help each other out.
PS If you are going to use my ideas then give me credit...LOL