Saturday, July 26, 2008

Twins Birthday Party

Well, I was on a one day blog-hiatus to get my boys party organized. May I just say that T.C. from the Twins is quite possibly more than human! This bear dealt with 20 fanatic children, played baseball like a pro in a bear suit on a 90 degree Minnesota day....Worth every penny and then some.

We had an awesome day! It was really the most memorable birthday party that we have had for the boys and I am glad because they were both old enough to understand it (and hopefully remember it)!

Thanks to all the family and friends who attended, brought or shipped gifts! The boys were truly spoiled =)

Until tomorrow.....Enjoy!

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4 CHEERS from the Crowd!:

Ding Ding Dorn said...

How did you find time to even get those great pictures. Great captures...I really felt like I was there. Awesome Job! The cake was super cute too, and I love the shot of Mason looking up. So precious. Nice Job! look great too! no signs of stress. LOl

katers32 said...

love the shot of Jaxon running to TC..adorable!! great shot of Kins crying too..ha!

Anonymous said...

Dear Fenn family,

Thanks for letting me part of your special day. I'm glad everything went well. Granted it wasn't ideal working conditions for me, I consider it practice for outdoor baseball in 2010. Would love to hear the reaction of the husband of the lady who I picked up and took a picture with. She wanted to send it to him in China. Thanks. I can be reached at Go Twins.


P.S. And I survived my Dairy Queen grand opening that afternoon as well.

SESE said...

Hey it's Sonya's friend from Louisiana, Selitha. I love your blog and all your precious pics! Sonya said you helped her get hers up and running. I have considered doing one, but I am about to return to school, so maybe another time. You have done a great job, I'll check in to see new stuff on both! Have a great weekend!