Thursday, July 24, 2008

Laundry Capers

Ever have one of those days where nothing seems to go right?
Mine have been yesterday and today. You name it, it went wrong.

This is a wonderful little rub off that I have on my laundry room wall...(of course, I added the NOT for picture purposes)!
My washer was on the fritz as of last night, along with our TV remote and 2 shelves that fell totally out of the wall. I spent the better part of today on the phone with various help lines...Are you kidding me...they are basically a waste.

Finally I reached an intellectual person named David (Thank the Lord for him)..Here is a neat tidbit, most new front loading washers do not have belts in them. Instead they have a hard drive that needs to be reset.....who would have known!!!

Now I only have about 8 loads of laundry to catch up on...UGHH!

So, needless to say everything ended up fine. Except for my sanity...that went out the window along with the remote!

2 CHEERS from the Crowd!:

Lisa said...

I love that saying, so cute. My laundry room needs a cute saying like that. We just put down some new tile in there and I am trying to keep it from getting hidden with dirty clothes.

Ding Ding Dorn said...

Cute rub off. Was it easy to rub on? What a great idea...I may steal it. LOL. I'll give you credit of course. Glad to know everything is better.