Thursday, October 16, 2008

Friendship Award

I have been nominated for the "PERFECT BLEND OF FRIENDSHIP AWARD" and I have graciously accepted (This is like the Emmy's for Blogging...) here is my acceptance speech!

1. Do you have the same friends since childhood? Only a couple, My dad was in the army and a pastor so we moved around frequently.
2. What do you value most about your friends? That they always tell me that I look good (hmm...this would be honesty)!
3. Are your friends your sounding boards? Absolutely, aside from prayer and my husband, they are a large factor in big decisions.
4. What is your favorite activity to share with your friends? Bible / Book Study, Scrap booking, Coffee, and Facebook (another new addiction)
I am passing this along to a couple of lucky ladies:
2. Melyssa @ Beau and Belle
3. Karin @ Selinger Family
4. Kate @ Team Chapman
5. Annie @ Epic Adventure

5 CHEERS from the Crowd!:

Katers said...

Dang are looking smok'n hot ALWAYS!! Ok, now can I PLEASE get out of this? I'll try and find the time to promises! Love ya!

Debra said...


Congrats sweet one!

Aimee said...

Hey Tarah,
Congrats on your award!

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I'm so excited you like the jars. Those are wonderful for (Christmas)gifts...or for yourself, of course :) You can also get them individually or as a set. You can order online by going to my website:

Click on "Our Products" on the side and the jars are listed on page 18 in the catalog. I also wanted to let you know to check out the October specials because if you purchase the trio you will qualify for the sale items.

Please email with any quesions. I will be so happy to help you in anyway I can. It is so good to meet you, Tarah!

I'm glad to find a new blogging buddy in the process!

Natalie said...

Congrats on a "fitting" award. :)

Melyssa said...

Congrats Tarah- and thanks for passing it along too! I really enjoy reading your blog. I think it is neat to be able to get to know each other in another way. It is also neat to see all your talents too!