Wednesday, October 8, 2008

I've Been Tagged...YIKES!

Well, Thanks to my cousin @ He & Me + 3, I have been brought into a game of Blog Tag.
If you have never done this before here are the rules
(and the reason that you might need the rules is that I can tag you)!

1. You must say 7 Random things about yourself.
2. You must forward to 7 other people who you can play tag with
3. You can not blog tag back.
4. You must link all of your taggers as well as the person who tagged you.

Now, onto the 7 random things about myself:
1. I can stick my whole fist in my mouth...not surprising, some say I could shove a car...
2. I love Red nail polish but rarely wear it because I feel like everyone is staring...
3. I impulsively purchase Gossip mags like US weekly and People...for no reason.
4. I am only allergic to Penicillin.
5. I hate unmade beds. It is the BIGGEST pet peave!
6. Sometimes my 2nd graders homework seems hard to me....not kidding.
7. I sleep about 5 hours per night..

So, here is for the fun part....The folks I am tagging are:

1. Kate - Team Chapman
3. Leah - Randomness
4. Melyssa - Belle and Beau
6. Lisa - Lisa Luvs Life

Hope everyone enjoys learning more about our bloggers!!!

5 CHEERS from the Crowd!:

He And Me + 3 said...

Good ones. Only a car? I was thinking more like a school bus...ok maybe just the short bus, but nontheless, a bus. LOL You know I love you! Thanks for playing along! Didn't know you had any allergies. Hmmm.

Katers said...

Dang you!!

Keli said...

Cool you and he and me + 3 are cousins! We all have so much in common - I love that! You are cracking me up with the fist story and the red polish! LOL! Love the blog!

Debra said...


I think you would look fabulous with red nail polish! And I'm allergic to penicillin...see, we're the same! I love that about us...don't you? tee hee

((hugs)) to you tonight!!

Yipee~It's Leah said...

oh no, I've been tagged. ...your fist? teeheehee..I'm gonna have to think about this a bit. I'll get it up today sometime.