Monday, October 20, 2008

Not Me Monday....Yeah!!!

This is my 2nd installment of "NOT ME" Mondays, and I have to say it is quickly becoming my favorite. If you have not played along before you simply have to check out MckMama! She has a HUGE following and some of the things that come out of the "NOT ME" Mondays make me wet my pants with laughter!!! So, here I go:

1. I DID NOT obsess about the "Not Me's" this week.
That would be strange and obsessive and I am none of those things.

2. I did NOT go through the Starbucks line, promptly spill my drink in the car and turn right back around to go through a tell them they did not put the lid on tight....I would NEVER do that for another drink....NOT ME!

3. I did not make my 3 yr old wear the same jeans 2 days in a row just because I did not want to wash them...there is nothing wrong with that right? NOT ME...

4. I did NOT have a "FREAK OUT" session at the Tire store this week when my fairly new car needed all 4 tires. That would be embarrassing and very NOT WWJD.....Nope NOT ME!!!

5. I DID NOT stay up until 4am on Thursday evening with my husband while we were renovating a cabin up north (Fenn Family Cabin).

6. I did NOT promise my husband that I would make dinner every night this week only to find out that I failed by Wednesday...NOT ME! I keep all my promises!

Hope everyone has a great week...and don't obsess about the NOT ME's like I did this week!

15 CHEERS from the Crowd!:

Avery Tales said...

I love your Not Me's! I would do the same thing at Starbucks! I can only imagine your disappointment and frustration when that yummy goodness spilled all over your car. I love your layout and your boys are too cute!

Lisa said...

Nice Not Me's, I am totally not number 1 at all.... After I made today's I am planning next
Love the cabin, beautiful paint job, a home away from home for sure.

He And Me + 3 said...

Girl, you and that coffee...and yes, that is gross about the jeans. LOL

Just me said...

Oh those were great! I've never heard of Not Me Monday! I'll have to go surf around for more, that was fun:)

** Sara ** said...

Having your child wear the same pants? That is survival sister! there is only so much laundry a woman can do!

Beth E. said...

Stopping by from MckMama's...your "Not Me!" posts are great!

As the mother of two older boys, I have to say that wearing jeans more than once is not a big deal. By the time your kids are teenagers, and that laundry pile grows increasingly larger every day (as those kids begin to wear adult-sized clothing), you'll be begging them to wear their clothes until something is spilled on them or the clothes stand by themselves!!! haha


Elaine said...

Very cute, I was cracking up about Starbucks and the pants.

Pam said...

It's a good thing you didn't do any of those things! Especailly spilling your starbucks! That would have just been awful, if it had actually happened!

I DIDN'T decide to read NOT ME MONDAY posts instead of deal with my messy house... nope that would be irresponsible... NOT ME!!

Mom To Six said...

Great Not Me's. I especially loved that you did not promise your hubby you'd make dinner all week. Sounds sooooo much like me!

Mom To Six said...

Too funny! Thanks for doing this. I also wanted to say that your kids are ADORABLE!!!!!!

Patricia said...

This was a fun post to read. Somehow as I read, I kept picturing my face NOT doing all those things... I may have to pop over to MckMamma's next Monday.

Thanks for visiting my blog. You are the first for this post. I always stay up past midnight so I can proof my In Other Words post (the preview button is just not enough for my strange & obsessive control-freakness). I was surprised to see a comment as I popped back from tweaking.

Your words are so kind. I look forward to your next visit.

BTW, did anyone ever tell you that your boys are just tooooo cute!

Debra said...

Oh Tarah!

This is the cutest meme! Love the new blog look. And all that coffee goodness all over the car..I'm quite sure it was a lid issue...I'm with ya on that one!

(hugs) & blessings to you today!

Kimberly said...

Thank you for stopping by my blog yesterday - yes, I'm NOT just getting caught up on yesterday even though today is nearly half gone! I've done the exact same thing at the bucks.. but I no longer buck.. sad, sad, sad... I'm always becoming financially peaceful and bucks had to go -- have a wonderful week! oh, and if you ever need to clean out a gross glass coffee pot, cocacola does the trick, makes you wonder what's in it, eh????

Crystal said...

Love your not me's so honest, I love it. awesome!

-Found you on Mckmama's blog

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